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Mrs Moon

Fair Isle (Surprise) Scarf CROCHET Pattern

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This cool pattern is free with your purchase of Plump dk yarn for this pattern by Mrs Moon!  Just let us know in the Notes section of your order and we will email you the pattern.

This scarf is the amazingly warm! Made using Plump dk, it is crocheted in the round so there is no visible wrong side.  This also means it’s double thickness – super cosy!

The ‘surprise’ is that the scarf does not look like the chart (included with the pattern), more an abstract version of it! Having read around the subject, this is all down to the way I crochet.  Depending on how you work, you might get a scarf like mine shown, or a pattern like the chart.  However it turns out, it is a really enjoying project and the bobbles add a fun element. 

Finished Measurements

157cm x 18cm


Plump DK in the following quantities:
Main colour (MC) - Pavlova  x 4
Contrast Colour 1 (CC1) - Cherry Pie x 2  
Contrast Colour 2 (CC2)- Rhubarb Crumble x 2
Contrast Colour 3  (CC3) - Marshmallow x 1


4.5mm hook

This handy little video talks you through making the little bobbles: