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Edward's Menagerie: Dogs

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  • NEW UPDATED Edward's Menagerie: DOGS 

    After months of being out of stock due to popularity, Edward's Menagerie: DOGS is back and now includes 15 extra patterns and more pages about crossbreeds and making your own dog.

    Having shown us how to master monsters in Edward's Crochet Imaginarium, and capture our friends and family in Edward's Crochet Doll Emporium, Kerry Lord is back with patterns for everyone's favourite pups in her new book Edward's Menagerie: DOGS.

    Edward’s Menagerie Dogs is a collection of 65 crochet patterns (revised and updated with 15 extra patterns) for you to re-create your favourite pedigree and crossbreed dogs. Whether you want a cheeky cockapoo, a snuffly pug or a shoe-chewing jack russell, this book has them all.

    As well as new patterns you will also find even more tips and tricks for personalising your design to make the perfect mini-me of your pet pooch. You can bring these cute canines to life using simple crochet techniques and our step-by-step instructions, which help even complete beginners get hooking straight away.

    Inside Edward's Menagerie Dogs you will find the patterns to make the following 65 pups, with the latest 15 listed here first:

    Rooney the Boston Terrier
    Vera the British Bulldog
    Philip the King Charles Spaniel
    Cheryl the Australian Cattle Dogl
    Rupert the Puggle
    Riley the Saint Bernard
    Alison the Great Dane
    Amanda the Cockapoo
    Pepper the Cavapoo
    Napoleon the Labradoodle
    Eloise the Saluki
    Felicity the Doberman
    Brandon the Wire Fox Terrier
    Madeline the Schnoodle
    Tucker the Jack Russell
    Constance the Porcelaine
    Myra the Bichon Frise
    Columbus the Red Tibetan Mastiff
    Doris the Shih Tzu
    Ilana the Newfoundland
    Simay the Pekingese
    Joyce the Irish Wolfhound
    Dorothy the Yorkshire Terrier
    Evelyn the Chihuahua
    Maddison the Papillon
    Samson the Old English Sheepdog
    Rooney the Border Terrier
    Reginald the Scottish Terrier
    Zoe the Pumi
    Amy the Afghan Hound
    Angelina the Samoyed
    Honey the Corgi
    Kate the Boxer
    Andreas the Mudi
    Lexi the Husky
    Don the Golden Retriever
    Lola the Beagle
    Wainwright the Lakeland Terrier
    Saxon the Cocker Spaniel
    Byron the Shar Pei
    Hollie the Staffordshire Terrier
    Laura the Chinese Crested
    Len the Springer Spaniel
    Geoff the West Highland Terrier
    Rosie the Dachshund
    Babel the Puli
    Romeo the Schnauzer
    Enzo the French Bulldog
    Spencer the Pug
    Lyon the Dogue de Bordeaux
    Chad the American Water Spaniel
    Ella the Rottweiler
    Tyrone the English Bull Terrier
    Wenni the Chow Chow
    Holmes the Basset Hound
    Gemma the Whippet
    Hugo the Brussels Griffon
    Annie the Red Setter
    Daisy the Sheepdog
    Axel the German Shepherd
    Millie the Poodle
    Mark the Dalmatian
    Rachel the Bedlington Terrier
    Maximillian the Weimaraner
    Eleanor the Labrador

  • Paperback:
    144 pages

    21.6 x 1.7 x 27.6 cm

    Pavilion Books (Mar 2018)

  • Kerry Lord - TOFT
    I believe in only using the best quality natural materials in order to deliver stunning results with maximum pleasure and ease throughout the making process. With a growing young family and expanding business, I find myself increasingly busy and so more than ever when I do grab time to make just for me, I want to ensure that the finished results will be super-soft, supple and long-lasting.
    I have always been motivated by the process itself of creating something with simply 250 metres and a pointy tool. The sense of satisfaction at the completion of a project is second to none, not to mention the psychological advantages to unwinding with a good ball of wool and with your hands engaged in creating.
    I established TOFT in order to share my knowledge and enthusiasm of the making process, and to show others just how easy it is.  I accidentally designed ‘Edward’s Menagerie’ while attempting to make toys for my over-due unborn son.  As a beginner crocheter very familiar with yarn and knitting needles, but very unfamiliar with this new craft, I rapidly discovered a seriously addictive hobby. Motivated by the feedback from other people when seeing my creations for the first time – first an elephant, and then a bunny - a whole new side to TOFT was born at the same time I became a new mum.     
    #edsanimals are perfect for both complete beginners and the more experienced crafter. Each critter is fast to make and because the patterns following
    a limited number of stitches and techniques, it doesn’t take long before you find you can make them without too much concentration. The only warning I will give you is just how addictive making these characterful critters is! Half the people you show them to will want you to teach them how to crochet and the other half will want you to make them one (or a dozen)!