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Eco Llama

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  • Eco Llama is a precious fingering-weight de-haired baby llama yarn with incredible softness. So, what you're getting is the ultra soft undercoat of the llama, with all of the coarser guard hairs from the top coat removed.

    This yarn is unspoilt by any dyes and available in the naturally gorgeous colours of the llama!

    You'll find fabric made with this yarn is smooth, drapey, luxuriously soft, with a very subtle baby halo. The yarn is durable despite its softness, and lighter and warmer than cashmere, since llama fibre is hollow.

    And baby llama yarn is lanolin free and naturally resistant to stains and pilling.

    The impact of the Llama trade has been very important for the development of the region. Bolivia has the largest Llama population in the world (2.2 million). Llama Fibres have not been used extensively until recently thanks to a new technology developed by the spinner in Bolivia. This process is based on the same principles used for dehairing Cashmere and Camel hairs to achieve the separation between coarse hairs and the fine hairs (de-haired baby llama). So by purchasing this yarn, you're helping to bolster the Bolivian artisanal economy.

    Typically Illimani - this is another luxury fiber that just has to be experienced!

    Made in Bolivia.  Illimani works with international aid organisations to help artisans in Peru and Bolivia.

  • Ingredients:
    100% Baby Llama

    368m (402yd)


    8.0 to 9.0 sts = 1 inch
    Needle size
    2.75 - 3.25mm (US 2 - 3)

  • We are so so proud to be the sole UK stockist for Illimani Yarns.  We know you'll LOVE their gorgeous yarns as much as we do.

    After many years in the fashion business importing ready-to-wear collection of alpaca and llama wool apparel hand-made by artisans in Bolivia, Illimani decided it is time to focus on the yarn. By applying all their experience on knits and fine wools to carefully select the very best natural yarns in the world at unbeatable prices.

    Illimani has worked with thousands of artisans in Bolivia and Peru, many of which have mastered the art of knitting and crocheting. Our mission is to provide the materials and the inspiration to our customers to help them create their own artisanal textiles.

    Illimani work along with international aid organisations to support artisans in the Bolivian and Peruvian Andes commercialize their products in the North American markets.

    Help the Bolivian artisans

    If you would like to be involved with helping the artisans in Bolivia please contact:
    Illimani Consulting 1392 rue Victor Hugo, Montreal, QC H3C 5X4, Canada
    T. (514) 867 2166 F. (514) 934 4867 email