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Coop Knits

Coop Knits Socks Volume 1

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  • Twelve stunning sock patterns by Rachel Coopey!

    This book has well written instructions and step-by-step tutorials for techniques such as Kitchener Stitch and Afterthought Heels.

    There's plenty to keep you busily knitting and learning with Rachel’s creative designs, which incorporate cabling, grafting, lace and twisted stitches. For beginners to sock knitting, a plain, topdown sock is also included as a great first project!

    Rachel's design are beautifully balanced and well thought out, giving both experienced and novice knitters the chance to create wonderful, wearable socks that are enormously enjoyable to knit.  If you've never worn a hand-knit sock, you haven't lived!

  • Paperback:
    74 pages


  • Brilliant, talented British designer Rachel Coopey has now has her own line of amazing yarns to complement her beautiful books (we sell all of them!).  

    Known for the most beautiful and varied sock patterns, her impeccable talent for design extends to her impeccable taste in colour in her Socks Yeah! and Socks Yeah! DK yarn lines.  These yarns shouldn't only be reserved for sock making!  They are brilliant in shawls, baby garments - you name it!