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Kylie and the Machine

"Circa 2023" Woven Labels 6 Pack

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When brain fog descends, this label will remind you exactly when you triumphed over the times and made your amazing hand-made!

These small labels can be used to stick out of a pocket, a side seam or other visible seams in the garment. The minimal design gives your garment a chic brand vibe.

Circa 2023 is now a monochromatic duo!

 KATM's continued tradition of creating a yearly time stamp is now available for 2023! You'll always know which year your blood (hope not!), sweat and tears went into your finished projects. 

We jazzed up this design for the new labels packs to now include both:

3x Off White background with Black Text

3x Black background with Off White Text

  • High Definition woven labels for ultra crisp graphics
  • Oeko-Tex certified, polyester and rayon threads
  • Washable, durable and non-scratchy!
  • Packaged in recycled, biodegradeable cardboard
  • 8mm x 60mm
  • Pack of 6 labels

End fold labels.