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Camel DK

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  • This yarn is exceptional. And there's nothing else like it.

    Spun from 100% Camel, this yarn is gloriously soft, luxurious and with an unexpected bounce that comes from the unique chain construction.

    We also love Camel DK because it is very sustainable: the double-humped Bactrian Camel naturally sheds its long, lustrous undercoat (baby camel hair) every Spring, when their climate in the Alashan region of Inner Mongolia warms up. It is then gathered by hand, washed and spun.

    In this refined chainette form, the smooth fibres create a yarn with bounce, elasticity and airiness. The texture, colour and the natural world make this sand dune-inspired yarn truly unique:

    • Lightweight 
    • Soft 
    • Stretchy
    • Not Itchy 
    • Thermoregulating
    • Biodegradable 

    Garments knit with Camel DK allow free body movement, yet return to their original shape making them resistant to wrinkling, sagging and growing out. 

    And because of the chains and how they’re locked in, it hardly pills. It is nearly as fine as cashmere with very high thermoregulating properties keeping you warm in winter and nice and cool in the summer. What´s more: Camel wool is an entirely biodegradable fibre, which means that it does not contribute to pollution when it is discarded. 

    Need some pattern inspo - here's a whole bunch which would be stunning in Camel DK.

    For ecological reasons, we refrain from pre-washing the yarn. Since camel hair naturally contains oils, the yarn may initially feel a bit firmer, which makes knitting a bit more relaxed. After washing, the yarn reveals its best qualities.
    We recommend knitting the yarn loosely to give it ample room for its full potential.

    Pascuali Camel DK comes in eleven rich, natural, warm colours carefully designed to captivate the varied shades  and textures of those absolutely, breathtakingly sensuous dune lines of the desert landscape. 

    Colours #10 (Walnut) and #11 (Beige) are undyed and are the natural colour shades of camel wool.

  • Ingredients:
    100% Baby Camel

    80 m (87 yds)

    Usage: Sweater in size small ~ 13 oz | 350g (14 Balls)
    Yarn Weight: 25 g | 0.88 oz ~ Ball


    Needle: 4.5 mm (US 7)
    Gauge: 18 sts x 28 rows = 10 cm

  • Pascuali are a young company from Cologne who's yarns are characterized by their rarity and deluxe class with outstanding high quality.

    All Pascuali yarns are made exclusively from fair-traded natural fibres produced in an ecological and fair way, where exceptional quality is just as important as the careful keeping of the animals. 

    The company owner personally travels to far-flung locations to visit each farm and inspect the farm animal treatment and housing conditions. Yarns are never purchased through intermediaries. The wool quality is as much in focus as the conditions on the farms for our company.  

    Before we choose the wool of the best quality we check out 20 fair farms with the same wool.