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Ashford Inkle Loom

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Ashford's Inkle Loom is a sturdy loom made from Silver Beech hardwood.

Use this fab loom to create anything from colourful belts, bracelets, bag straps, necklaces, ties, guitar straps, shoe laces or to dog leashes or trims for weaving. You can even sew them together and make bags, placemats, cushion covers and much more.

It is also a great way for total beginners to explore weaving because the same weaving process is used as other types of looms (with a few differences in the warping and finishing).

The Inkle Loom produces a warp-faced band in which the warp completely covers the weft.

  • Portable
  • Strong design for high tension warps
  • Tension adjustment
  • Manufactured in beautiful beech hardwood
warp length up to 280cm (110")
mad width 100mm (4")
- belt shuttle
- clamp
- step-by-step instruction booklet

We also stock the smaller Inklette Loom by Ashford (with a warp length up to 180cm, and max width of 50mm).

Use your loom to weave simple or intricate patterns with yarns, cotton Sashiko threads and beads!

Download your Learn to Weave on the Inkle Loom booklet here.