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Ashford Brooklyn Loom

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We are SO EXCITED for this latest multi-shaft table loom - the Brooklyn Four Shaft Loom!

This loom has been designed to be an economic stepping-stone for rigid heddle weavers and all other new weavers who are ready to expand their weaving skills and explore the wonderful world of multi-shaft weaving. It makes weaving multi-shaft patterns simple and easy!

The Brooklyn Four Shaft Loom provides new and experienced weavers with all the features they need to weave amazing fabric.

Available now while stocks last!

  • Kit includes 2 shuttles, 5 cross/warp sticks, 10 cardboard warp separating sticks, threading hook and a full step-by- step colour assembly, warping and weaving instruction booklet

  • Large beam to beam depth of 73cm (28 1⁄2") (the same as all Ashford’stable looms)

  • 16” 40cmweaving width

  • Smooth, quiet overhead beater with auto bounce-back for even beating at the fell

  • Generous rising shed

  • Smooth action levers for light and easy pattern changes

  • Texsolv cord lifts shafts evenly from both sides through frictionless nylon loom cord guides, and allows easy shaftheight adjustment

  • A total of 320 Texsolv 22cm (8 1⁄2") heddles are supplied giving 80 heddles per shaft, enough for a balanced 20epiweave

  • Stainless steel 10dpi reed

  • Beater will accept over width reeds and can be locked for warping

  • Strong 40 teeth nylon ratchets, handles and clicker pawls allow comfortable warp tension and control

  • Rubber feet to keep the loom from moving when weaving

  • The loom is made using strong beech hardwood with ply sides that combine to make the Brooklyn Four Shaft Loomrobust, light and easy to move

  • Quick and easy to assemble

  • Choose to leave natural or finish with Ashford Finishing Wax Polish, oil, lacquer or decorate to your preference

  • Weight: 7.5kg (16 1⁄2lbs) gross 6.5kg nett (14 1⁄2lbs)