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30 Knitted Headbands and Ear Warmers

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  • There are so many reasons why headbands, ear warmers, and other types of head wraps are so popular.

    They can be used to keep your hair back, block the wind from your ears during outdoor activities, and add a little warmth without resorting to a hat, all the while making a chic fashion statement.

    This book includes 30 headbands in a variety of styles, from traditional skinny bands to lacy mesh beach bands to colourful wide bands great for outdoor exercise. And the details make each one special.

    You will have fun knitting eye-catching colour work, twisty cables, and open lace patterns. Best of all, these are all quick knits. You'll have a collection of stunning hair accessories in a flash.

    And perfect for stash busting and quick gifts!

  • Paperback:
    143 pages

    27 x 20 x 1.5 cm

    Search Press

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