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100% Qiviut (Musk Ox) - 3 Ply

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  • Now available in thicker 3 Ply (Sport Weight)!

    If it's pure luxury you're after, look no further, and guess what - we now have three very special batches which have been lovingly hand-dyed especially for us! (Click here for 2 Ply Qiviut)

    Add an optional hand-made leather presentation pouch to make it the perfect gift! These beautiful pouches will make great DPN/interchangeable needle cases too. Or maybe just use it to store your finished Qiviut item...

    One skein of this thicker, pure Qiviut will make a lovely little pair of mitts, e.g. Tough & Toasty by Martina Behm, or super soft headband, e.g Headband with a Twist. Or use it to make the ribbed section of a hat for the warmest, softest ears! 2 skeins will make most adult hats or neck warmer!

    Qiviut (pronounced "kiv-ee-ute") is an incredible fibre. Harvested from the delicate underwool of the Arctic Musk Ox, an animal dating back to the Pleistocene era of Mastodons and Woolly Mammoths. Qiviut is one of the most sought after and rare fibres in the world because of its unparalleled softness and warmth.

    Nine times warmer than merino wool, Pure Qiviut is non-shrinkable, non-felting and is often safe for people who suffer from sheep wool allergies.   

    Our Qiviut is extra special and extra soft. The fibres are hand-combed from a herd of Musk Oxen in Alaska and spun at a mill in Canada. 


    Softer than cashmere, Qiviut is not the least bit scratchy. And, unlike other fibres, the more you handle and wash qiviut, the softer it feels!! 


    The incredible insulating properties of Qiviut fibres comes from the fact that they are comprised of 60% air ducts.This amazing fibre allows the animals to withstand harsh arctic storms and extreme temperatures.


    Annually only 5-6 tons of this wool is available (compared with the annual output of the cashmere goat wool of 350,000 tons)


    Qiviut is extremely light weight (finer in diameter than cashmere and much softer than cashmere). It is the only natural fibre that doesn't compress when wet. It doesn't shrink if washed in hot water. In fact, washing it makes it loft higher. It doesn't lose its insulation value when wet, either.

    It's hypoallergenic and does not have an odour, even when wet. And it's extremely durable


    It's not called "Arctic Gold" for no reason. The special properties of musk ox wool will not lose its value. 

  • Ingredients:
    100% Qiviut

    80m (87yd)


    4mm (US 6)
    20 st x 26 rows = 10cm (4")

  • Pascuali are a young company from Cologne who's yarns are characterized by their rarity and deluxe class with outstanding high quality.

    All Pascuali yarns are made exclusively from fair-traded natural fibres produced in an ecological and fair way, where exceptional quality is just as important as the careful keeping of the animals. 

    The company owner personally travels to far-flung locations to visit each farm and inspect the farm animal treatment and housing conditions. Yarns are never purchased through intermediaries. The wool quality is as much in focus as the conditions on the farms for our company.  

    Before we choose the wool of the best quality we check out 20 fair farms with the same wool.