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Yarn Hero Fiber Arts is the baby of Lynnell Koser from Frederick, Maryland. A graduate from The Atlanta College of Art and Design, and professional Graphic Designer, Lynnell has been crafting her whole life!

An avid knitter, crocheter, stitcher, sewer and painter - it was the discovery of spinning changed her world and took her in completely different direction. Her obsession soon birthed a collection of hand-spun yarn on Etsy. Lynnell realised it wasn’t the finished project that she was excited about, but simply getting to see what a fibre would look like once it was spun into yarn. Now, she gets to do this all day long, every day.  

The ColorMix collection from Yarn Hero Fibre Arts is dyed in a different process than most other hand dyed yarn. By partnering with a local spinning mill, Lynnell’s approach mimics the perspective of a spinner: dye the fibres first, and then spin it into yarn.

When dyeing, Lynnell is always thinking about how colours will lay next to one another, or how the colours will look when plied, or what kind of optical blending might be created with several colours.

If you were to hang out in her home studio, you might hear a lot of “oh that’s pretty” or “wow, I like that” and maybe even an occasional “that’s not what I expected.” The thrill never goes away, and Lynnell hopes to continue adding new and exciting processes and bases to her yarn lineup.

Who doesn't love a cheeky little freebie now and again?