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Pernelle - Hemp yarn

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  • We are so happy to stock this gorgeous plant-based yarn by Natissea!

    Spun from 100% Organic Romanian hemp, this luxurious fingering weight yarn is creates a sturdy yarn with a soft pearly glow. Like 100% linen, hemp will soften with washing and fabrics will age beautifully.

    Each skein is ecological dyed in the north of France using ecological, vegan, natural pigments. Pernelle is GOTS Organic Certified.

    This lovely yarn is great for garments and light accessories. It's fine to machine wash and tumble dry too. In fact, if you'd like it to be more malleable while you knit, you could throw the skeins in the washing machine and tumble drier before you knit with it :)

    You'll find fabrics made with this yarn to be hardwearing. They have more gravity than cotton, they are crisp, and they drape nicely. We love the way they age too - like a high quality linen. 

    Here are some of our fav pattern ideas for this yarn.

    Some info on hemp:

    Hemp is more like linen than cotton, and like linen, it becomes softer with use.

    It's quick to absorb moisture, to keep your body dry. But also, it will retain dye better than other fibres so your knits will stay vibrant.

    It's super strong and durable (4 times stronger than cotton!).

    It resists bacterial growth and is breathable, so prevents odours. And it's hypoallergenic.

    It is porous and thermoregulative, so it will keep you cool in Summer and warm in the Winter.

    It saves Water! Hemp uses only 1/20th the amount of water as regular cotton to grow and process.

    Also, it uses almost no water to grow and can usually be rain-fed, and is less vulnerable to bugs so doesn't require pesticide and artificial fertilisers.

    Unlike cotton which depletes the soil of nutrients, hemp can be grown consecutively for over twenty years without the soil being affected.

    Hemp is ancient! We have been growing it since about 770AD!

  • Ingredients:
    100% Organic Hemp

    190 m (207 yds)


    Fingering / 4ply
    23 sts & 30 rows = 10 cm x 10 cm (4 in x 4 in) on 3mm (US 3) needles

  • Natissea

    Natissea was started by Mathilde, a fashion designer in Paris who was really keen to participate in the creation of sustainable and responsible fashion necessary for the preservation of our planet.

    She totally fell in love with hemp because of its quality and its countless natural properties.

    The name Natissea, refers to the necessary and fundamental links that humans "weave" with "nature" in order to "seal" their well-being and fulfilment.

    Natissea was born from a deep desire to protect nature, animals and also the people who will wear our knitwear. Our skin is permeable and soaks up all the substances with which it comes into contact, and this is even more true for toddlers!

    Hemp fibers were the first to be used in antiquity, but their properties remain largely unknown to this day. Hemp helps regulate body temperature in both directions. If its textile use is favoured in the summer period, it is nonetheless used for the insulation of houses, which proves its effectiveness even in the event of extreme cold.

    A thermoregulating, antiperspirant and antibacterial fibre that does not need any chemical treatment to grow, it's possible and for your greatest pleasure, it can be knitted!

    "We defend more sustainable and more natural consumption habits. Natissea offers you a vegan, healthy and cruelty-free option. Because being a committed brand comes first and foremost through action. Our products are made in France. And our packaging is biodegradable and comes from recycled materials. Every day, we step up our efforts to help create a better world."