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  • In Dæxel by Marianne Isager takes her inspiration from patterns found in the street and includes designs for 8 classic sweaters for men and teenage boys.

    The designs are classic with an excellent fit and make full use of Isager's beautiful yarns and textures.

  • Paperback:
    72 pages

    21 x 0.7 x 21 cm

    Isager (2016)

  • The Danish company Isager has since 1977 been supplying patterns and quality yarns made from natural fibres, both known and loved by knitters the world over. The yarns and patterns are sold in selected shops in Denmark and internationally. The founder of Isager, Marianne Isager, and her daughter and co owner of the company Helga Isager, are behind a line of popular knitting books.


    Marianne Isager has, throughout the last 40 years, been at the forefront of Danish knit design, and through her extensive production of patterns and books she has been instrumental in maintaining the continuous development of the old craft. Marianne Isager is also known for her instructive courses, lectures, her numerous exhibitions and classes and her workshop business. The former often have their background in her inspirational travels to Latin America, Asia and Africa, and in her work as an NGO in countries as different as Peru, Nepal and Greenland. In addition to this Marianne Isager is the author of a string of inspiring knitting books, published both in Denmark and internationally.

    Marianne Isager (1954 – ) grew up in an academic family in North Jutland and even though the family later moved to Århus she spent a large part of her youth in the family’s summer house, Østerklit, in Tversted Plantage. She began training as a weaver and textile printer at the textile line at Skolen for Brugskunst (The School of Decorative Art), but her appetite for knitting was aroused during a stay at Skals Håndarbejdsskole in 1973, where she met knit designer Åse Lund Jensen. This significant meeting was instrumental in shaping Marianne Isager’s career path, as she four years later, at the death of Åse Lund Jensen, inherited her mentor’s company. After finishing her education as a weaver, Marianne Isager established the company Isager where she continues a line of Åse Lund Jensen’s yarns together with a number of other quality yarns.

    Today Marianne Isager lives half of the year in Japan, where she resides in Tokyo. The other half she spends in Tversted, the area in North Jutland where she grew up. Here she also runs her popular summer workshops.