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100% Bison Wool (Buffalo)

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  • SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION wool, available in a very small quantity.

    Bison Wool is harvested from the soft, downy undercoat of the great wild bison (buffalo) of Canada.

    And just like qiviut, this exotic fibre is extremely soft, warm and strong!

    Pure Bison is non-shrinkable, non-felting and is often safe for people who suffer from sheep wool allergies.  We find it very similar to Qiviut, but perhaps a little denser, like cashmere. The colour is a deeper, richer brown than natural Qiviut.


    Softer than cashmere, Qiviut is not the least bit scratchy. With a micron count of about 15, comparable to an extremely fine cashmere.  And, like Qiviut but unlike other fibres, the more you handle and wash Bison, the softer it feels!! 


    Bison/Buffalo are at home in the Arctic cold of Northern Canada - their crimpy down creates thousands of tiny air pockets to keep the animals warm. These insulatory properties can only compare with Qiviut.


    Bison wool is difficult to harvest, and bison only sheds four to six ounces of the fluffy stuff each year! We are thrilled to have a little of this wonder-fibre to bring to our customers.


    Bison wool is extremely light weight (finer in diameter than cashmere and much softer than cashmere). This gorgeous yarn blooms with use and has a beautiful natural halo. Yet it's not delicate - strong enough for every day use!

    It's hypoallergenic and does not have an odour, even when wet. And it's extremely durable

    We recommend washing your knitwear made of Bison wool by hand in lukewarm water with a mild wool detergent. Dry flat, preferably on a terry towel, to avoid stretching. Under no circumstances should you dry it directly on a heat source or in the blazing sun!

  • Ingredients:
    100% Bison wool

    75m (82yd)


    4mm (US 6)
    20 st x 26 rows = 10cm (4")

  • Pascuali are a young company from Cologne who's yarns are characterized by their rarity and deluxe class with outstanding high quality.

    All Pascuali yarns are made exclusively from fair-traded natural fibres produced in an ecological and fair way, where exceptional quality is just as important as the careful keeping of the animals. 

    The company owner personally travels to far-flung locations to visit each farm and inspect the farm animal treatment and housing conditions. Yarns are never purchased through intermediaries. The wool quality is as much in focus as the conditions on the farms for our company.  

    Before we choose the wool of the best quality we check out 20 fair farms with the same wool.