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Starter Series: Zero to Knit Kit - More Info

Here's all the detailed info on the new Zero to Knit Workshop Series developed by Carol Feller with iKnit7!
Starter Series

Zero to Knit is a power-packed workshop series that takes you by the hand from utter knitting novice right the way through to completing your first (mini) cardigan. 

The courses are hosted on the Teachable platform by Carol Feller, which is easily accessible on your computers, smart phones and tablets whenever you want!
  • Conquer knitting basics as you learn the lingo and technical know-how of everything from wool, yarn and the anatomy of a stitch.
  • Develop your unique eye and keen set of skills that will leave you with all the skills you need to tackle your next knitting adventure.
  • Time isn't a factor as we developed this course to be consumed in whatever stolen moments you can find.
Have time for a coffee break?

Having a quiet lunch?

Want to join some serious Knitflix time? (It's knitting and Netflix and Yes it's a HUGE thing!)

Then what are you waiting for because Zero to Knit has everything you need to start making unique handknits that you cannot find in the shops.


What is the Start Series, and why did we develop it?

The COVID19 pandemic has made it very difficult for us to run our usual in-person "learn to knit" classes in our shops. And at the same time more and more people want to learn to knit, having realised how brilliant knitting is for reducing stress, unleashing creativity, reducing boredom, added coolness factor and, well, it's clearly an essential post-apocalyptic life-skill!

So, recognising that we (the independent yarn shops) are the experts in the tools, we've enlisted the help of the expert in teaching to guide our new tribe to acquire knitterly skills: enter Carol Feller...

We also decided that an online teaching space that's accessible anywhere, anytime makes the most sense (hence Teachable), but unlike YouTube videos, members will have access to Carol's amazing brain for all their questions and help - just like they would have done with an in-store class. And they are free to watch and re-watch the course anytime they want, as often as they want!


The Zero to Knit series is a bundle of two courses: Knit Basics and Cardigan Ambition. Here are the the class topics covered in each:

Knit Basics

This foundation course assumes the knitter is a complete beginner. 
  • How does your yarn come and how to wind it
  • yarn weights
  • needle types
  • all about gauge
  • anatomy of a stitch
Pouch project:
  • Reading pattern
  • casting on
  • knit stitch
  • Knit styles and tension
  • binding off
  • seaming
  • common pitfalls
Hat project:
  • Reading pattern 
  • casting on
  • magic loop
  • purl stitch
  • increasing stitches
  • crown decreases
  • finishing the top
  • blocking

Cardigan Ambition

This is the second course in the bundle, building on your knowledge from Knit Basics.
Getting Started:
  • Introduction to the cardigan pattern
  • Long Tail Cast On
  • Anatomy of a Raglan
  • Setting up raglan increases
Working the body and sleeves:
  • Dividing the sleeves and body
  • Working the body
  • Setting up the Sleeves
Finishing Touches:
  • Picking Up Stitches
  • Working German Short Rows
  • Working a Buttonhole
  • Working I-Cord Edging
  • Blocking your Cardigan

Your Instructor: Carol Feller

Carol Feller

Carol Feller ( is a designer, teacher, and author living in Cork, Ireland. She has published just under 300 patterns and 7 books, including Short Row Knits (Pottercraft) and Contemporary Irish Knits (Wiley), and is a popular instructor on with almost 400,000 students. She regularly teaches in yarn shops, fibre festivals, knitting retreats and tours, covering a wide variety of basic and advanced skills including chart reading, garment shaping, short rows, cables, and colourwork. Carol first learned to knit in primary school, and there is a strong history of crafting in her family. In university, she trained as a textile artist, and then as a structural engineer and both of these backgrounds influence her work.

Other stuff:

All students will need to create an account on Teachable so they can keep accessing their course. To access the Teachable account the general page is:   (Login link on top right of page)

You'll find some Teachable FAQs on this page: