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Belangor Angora

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  • Luxuriously soft with a delicious halo - don’t be fooled by other lesser quality Angoras, this is authentic Galler Belangor™ French Angora - 100% French Angora Rabbit Hair - Artesian Quality - Hand Combed

    This ultra decadent fibre is extremely warm, unbelievably light (angora fibres are hollow), and feels sumptuous against the skin.

    Galler Yarns have been importing this top quality French Angora fibre since 1951, so they know a thing or two about it:

    French Angora is superior to any other rabbit hair. With extra long, silky fibers and 30% guard hair, this yarn “blooms” and produces an exceptional halo. Of course, it does shed, just like any other super soft fluffy yarn that doesn't use another fibre in the core (this is 100% angora), but it calms down after a bit of wear.

    There's nothing quite like this exceptionally decadent, rare and valuable fiber.

    Hand-combed, the rabbits are not harmed at all in the process of cultivation; our breeder takes advantage of the natural molting cycles to harvest the longest fibers possible and uses a time honored French technique for grooming which is completely painless and gentle.

    The rabbits live as pets, remaining their whole lives on the small farm they are raised. 

    (NB - Unfortunately we are unable to get our hands on more Off-White or Turquoise for another few months...)

  • Ingredients:
    100% French Angora Rabbit Hair - Artesian Quality - Hand Combed

    30m (33yd)

    approx 0.35 oz / 10 g

    18 - 22 st / 20 - 23 rows per 10 cm / 4"; 10 wpi
    Needle Size: 3.75 - 5.5 mm / US 5 - 9

  • Once upon a time in 1920’s Luxembourg, Joseph Galler and his brother began a business in the heart of the capital city: “H. Galler – Bonneterie en Gros,” or “H. Galler Wholesale Handknitting Yarns.”

    The boys, only in their late teens, had to use their father’s name, H. Galler, as they were too young to assume the business title. With hard work and determination, the brothers maintained a successful shop for almost 2 decades until the German invasion of Luxembourg in 1940 shut them down.

    During WWII, Joseph and his family moved to New York and created Joseph Galler Inc (incorporated 1952). 

    The business was one of the only ones of its kind back then, and had a huge showroom in the city until Joseph's death, April 3, 1993.

    Today Joseph's granddaughter, Star, runs the business which is focussed on humanely cultivated, exquisite fibres that will last generations.