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Hot Butter Yarns

Hot Butter Mini DK Bundle

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Tourmaline HB
Blood Stone HB
Carnelian HB
Gold Stone HB
Amber HB
Gold HB
Peridot HB
Nephrite HB
Hiddenite HB
Green Peridot HB
Yellow Aventurine HB
Emerald HB
Amazonite HB
Malachite HB
Larimar HB
Aquamarine HB
Cats Eye HB
Sapphire HB
Beryl HB
Topaz HB
Montana HB
Jet HB
Sodalite HB
Lepidolite HB
Amethyst HB
Alexandrite HB
Pink Agate HB
Coral HB
Smoky Quartz HB
Pink Coral HB
Brown Agate HB
Lava Stone Medium HB
Anthracite HB
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Beautifully dyed, locally sourced British wool bundles by Jaki Bogg of Hot Butter Yarns.

These lovely lofty bundles are perfect for your colourwork project and for little embellishments to your projects.

The yarn is locally sourced and is a wonderful mix of BFL and Masham. BFL gives it a lustre and Masham gives it strength.

Each 20g (approx 48m) bundle is hand-dyed by Jaki using high quality acid dye. The colours are stunning and complex, thanks to the special blend of fibres in this base.

(Note - each "bundle" is sold individually, but photographed in multiples so you can see the colours in different angles.)