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Fru Zippe

Fru Zippe: Cockatoo Tablet Case Cross Stitch Kit

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  • We LOVE these super cool and contemporary cross-stitch embroidery kits by Danish designer Fru Zippe.

    This brilliant kit is for a fabulous Cockatoo Tablet Case which shows the tail feathers on the back! 

    The pack contains everything you need to make the bag:
    • Canvas fabric
    • Flora wool yarn
    • Pattern
    • Needle
    • Backing Material
    • Zipper

    Flora wool is a high quality thread made of 100% pure virgin wool. It's very hard-wearing which makes it easy and pleasant to work with, and great for a cushion.

    Finished size: 24 x 29cm

    The charts are clearly marked both in colour and with symbols.

    About fru zippe

    Who is fru zippe? (Ms. zippe).

    Fru zippe is a meticulous lady (M/F). She always has an idea of how her embroidery shall end up.

    She only uses the best materials - which she chooses with much care - and loves when embroidery is made and used in new, modern and different ways.

    Fru zippe gets inspired anywhere, all the time.

    Her kits are made with the finest quality materials for embroidery.

    And they are so beautifully put together - you'll be tempted to give them away as gifts.

    Have a very pleasant time with your embroidery.