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120cm (47") Chiaogoo Fixed Circular Knitting Needles

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We think ChiaoGoo Twist Circular needles are the best needles in the world. We've carried the Interchangeable Needles since day 1, and now we've added Fixed Circulars to our shelves too!

The Tips

Just like the interchangeables, the join between tips and cable is always smooth and snag-free. ChiaoGoo exist solely for engineering the best needles, and it really shows.

The tips are crafted from surgical grade Stainless Steel with a smooth, satin-sheen finish so that they have just the right amount of pointyness with a really great taper, that's neither too severe or so long that it affects your gauge.

Tips on 16" and longer are the "Lace" tips which are pointier than non-lace, but we think they are optimal for every type of knitting, lace or not! They slide under the yarn more easily to reduce splitting and stress.

ChiaoGoo have really mastered these tips. Sizes are permanently laser imprinted, so no issues with unidentifiable needles. They are also lightweight, incredibly strong and 100% recyclable!

The Cables

These are the BEST cables on the market.  Innovative engineering with a multi-strand steel core so they have no memory. Twist them and they'll always go back to their original straight shape. 

We love how don't get kinked up or get weighed down by your knitting.  And the smooth red nylon coating allows stitches to glide smoothly onto your needles without any bends or corners to negotiate.

Need a case to organise your fixed circular needles? This one's perfect.

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