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Tulip Sashiko Needles - Assorted Short

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Our favourite brand of Sashiko needles by far!

Tulip needles are made in Hiroshima, Japan to exacting standards. Packaged elegantly in a little corked vial inside a box.

Designed with a big needle eye to accommodate Sashiko thread where you can only pick up one or two stitches at a time, and are considered more versatile than the Long needles (which are generally used for stitching straight patterns).

Vial contains 6pcs Sashiko needles in three sizes:
2 x 0.84mm x 45.5mm
2 x 0.91mm x 42.9mm
2 x 0.84mm x 36.4mm

High quality - strong and durable body with just the right amount of flexibility which is resistant to bending or breaking. Polished needles allows for smooth piecing and glides through fabric with ease. 

    Who doesn't love a cheeky little freebie now and again?