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Tulip Sashiko Needles - Assorted Long

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Our favourite brand of Sashiko needles by far!

Tulip needles are made in Hiroshima, Japan to exacting standards. Packaged elegantly in a little corked vial inside a box.

The long needle body allows you to weave several stitches before the final pull through. These assorted 'long' styles, are the longest of the Sashiko range, useful for stitching straight-line designs, two with regular needle eye's and one with a long, oval shaped eye for different thread weights. Needles are made of steel, Nickel-plated with a Gold-plated eye.

Sashiko needles don't bend like embroidery needles, so you can load lots of stitches on the needle before pulling the thread through. And they have a large eye for sashiko thread since it's relatively thick. They also have a very sharp point.

They are perfect for use with the Sashiko Leather Thimble!

Vial contains 6pcs Sashiko needles in three sizes:

1.02 x 66.7mm (6.8cm long)
0.97 x 44.5mm (4.5cm long)
0.84 x 51.5mm (5.2cm long)

High quality - strong and durable body with just the right amount of flexibility which is resistant to bending or breaking. Polished needles allows for smooth piecing and glides through fabric with ease.