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  • A delicious blend of Wensleydale and Bluefaced Leicester wool, combined with a touch of magical UK Alpaca in homage to philanthropist and Yorkshire mill owner Sir Titus Salt.

    This luxurious yet authentic combination is also reflected in the shade range: deep, rich colours that evoke images and memories of a land which has such strong historic connections to wool and wool manufacturing. Titus is 100% British wool, spun and dyed in Yorkshire.

    A truly luxurious local yarn with homely colours that supports our local industries. It makes us very happy. We hope it makes you happy too.

  • Ingredients:
    50% Wensleydale
    20% Bluefaced Leicester
    30% UK Alpaca

    320m (350yd)



    Needle size: 2.75 - 3.25mm (US 2 - 3)

  • From baa ram ewe, about Titus:

    "baa ram ewe's Titus is a stunning, luxurious natural 4 ply with a Yorkshire accent. We've always been passionate about showcasing the rich variety of British sheep breeds and yarns that exist and often daydreamed about what our perfect yarn would look and feel like, and it’s just like this! We wanted the base of our yarn to be a celebration of the quintessential Yorkshire sheep, the Wensleydale.

    With its beautiful long Rastafarian locks, this gives our yarn a gorgeous silky drape often hard to find in wool. We then blended it with the finest of all the British sheep breeds, the Bluefaced Leicester, and added another little Yorkshire surprise, which gave us the inspiration for its name.

    Sir Titus Salt was a Leeds born wool manufacturer who became tired of the smoke and pollution emanating from Yorkshire’s mills and factory chimneys and built a new mill on the outskirts of Shipley. The mill was followed by houses, bathhouses, an institute, hospital, almshouses and churches which became the village of Saltaire, now a World Heritage Site - and inspiration for a selection of paintings by Bradford born artist David Hockney.

    But the village of Saltaire wasn’t Sir Titus’ only achievement. In 1836, Titus came upon some bales of Alpaca in a warehouse in Liverpool and, after taking some samples away to experiment, came back and bought the consignment. Sir Titus became the creator of the lustrous and subsequently hugely fashionable alpaca cloth, which contributed massively to his success as a manufacturer. And that’s why we’ve added 30 per cent of the finest, softest UK Alpaca to our yarn, which adds that little bit of magic to our wonderful wool.

    Our shades have also been inspired by our Yorkshire surroundings, blending together perfectly for a stunning palette of colour. Our 'Eccup' is named after a local reservoir, a beauty spot which is home to a colony of rare Red Kites. And our 'Coal' celebrates an industry that, just like wool production, was central to the fortunes of Yorkshire but has sadly now declined."

    From baa ram ewe, about baa ram ewe:
    baa ram wwe's masterplan is to make Yorkshire famous for wool production across the world once more, reconnecting it to its woolly heritage. We've put ourselves at the centre of this renaissance commanding worldwide appeal for their luxurious and authentic wools, all spun and made in Yorkshire. Working with Baa Ram Ewe means you are supporting a wider local industry that's been central to the history and development of our towns, cities, farms and fields. 

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