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Erika Knight

Studio Linen

Bone 401
Covet 407
Fatigue 403
Flutter 402
Kanoko 408
Kumo 411
Lacy 406
Milk 400
Mood 415
Neo 404
Pigment 410
Pyjama 409
Remnant 405
Shallow 414
Shrub 413
Velvet 416
Cirrus 412
  • Erika Knight's Studio Linen is a unique blend of 87% recycled rayon-linen and 15% premium natural linen which has been twisted and dyed by a specialist Italian spinner in Biella. There's nothing quite like it on the market - it has the cool, dry hand feel of linen and a subtle sheen and softness thanks to the pre-washed eco-friendly recycled material.

    If you've never knit with linen before, you're missing a treat. Totally different from wool: since its inelastic and doesn't puff out, it produces garments with incredible drape which get better and better with time and washing.  In fact, washing and drying your handmade pieces will transform them and take away the initial stiffness.  

    We absolutely adore this linen for its coolness, anti-static-ness, absorbency, naturally antibacterial and insect repelling properties, and because it's soooo elegant!  We stock every colour in this range :)

  • Ingredients:
    85% Recycled Rayon-Linen fibre 
    15% Premium Natural Linen

    120m (131yd)


    3.75 - 4mm (US 5 - 6)
    21 - 22 sts x 30 rows = 10cm (4")

  • Erika Knight:

    My yarn collection is concise and considered with fibres and colours carefully selected so that you can be confident in choosing a beautiful, quality yarn for whatever you wish to create.

    My ethos has always been to keep things simple: to support British manufacturing where possible, to promote sustainable, natural fibres and to celebrate traditional skills. Having worked in the textile industry for most of my career and in many different guises, I am passionate about innovation and heritage in equal balance.

    When you are taking the time to craft something by hand, it is as much about the process as the final outcome, so for me, it is important to use the best possible materials. This of course means using different yarns and fibres for different purposes and understanding the characteristics of each.

    “I believe it is an inherent human trait to construct fabric in order to catch, clothe, nurture and decorate”

    Erika Knight is ahighly respected knitwear and crochet designer, as well as the creator of her own eponymous yarn range.

    With her 'simple' ethos, Erika has a unique interpretation of craft: her mission is to simplify and communicate her insight and passion for knitting and crochet with accessible yet enticing projects in order to inspire everyone to experiment and, above all, enjoy creating.

    Her impressive resumé includes co-launching what became a hugely successful hand-knit label ‘Molto!’; Design and fashion forecasting work for a range of top brands (Marks & Spencer, Nicole Farhi, H&M, Whistles, Rowan Yarns, Coats PLC); published more than 20 books on knitting and crocheting; launched her own covetable hand knit yarn label.

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