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Split French Knitter / Knitting Dolly

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Traditional French Knitting with a difference! This revolutionary tool takes traditional French knitting to a whole new level of creativity and fun.

This "dolly" splits in two allowing you to knit narrower tubes in you wish and use 2 types of removable pegs.

Dress up the USB cord of your smartphone, jazz up your ear plugs, bag handles or thin straps – the possibilities are endless. Make everyday objects stylish and unique!

The set consists of

  • 1 SPLIT French Knitter
  • 12 pegs
  • 6 U-pins
  • 1 Loom hook
  • 3 rubber rings
  • a set of instructions
The pegs and U-pins are interchangeable. Use pegs when working with thinner yarn or floss. You can use any number of pegs but as a guide, use 12 pegs for the finest yarns and 6 for slightly thicker yarns.

    U-pins are ideal when using thicker yarns – you can use all 6 pins or just 4 depending on the yarn.

    Colours vary.