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Spectrum Fibre

Spectrum Pure Silk

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  • Just couldn't resist - and how can you blame us? This yarn is simply stunning. Nothing more to be said.

    100% Mulberry Silk. Shawl? Luxury silk gloves or a hat? Unbelievably soft. Incredibly beautifully died by Briony from her full-time garden dye studio in Brighton.

    Briony has a real talent for colour, and creating magical combinations which will add happiness to anyone's stash.

    Note: Skeins are not perfectly identical, if using more than one, consider alternating every few rows. Hand wash recommended.

  • Ingredients:
    100% Mulberry Silk

    400m (437yd)


    4-Ply / Fingering

  • About Spectrum Fibre

    Spectrum Fibre is run by Briony - an incredibly talented British indie dyer.

    Briony single-handedly creates these magical colour-ways from her garden based dye studio in Brighton.

    "I create small batch hand dyed, contemporary colourways for the modern knitter and crocheter. I enjoy combining contemporary colours with neon pops to create yarns that excite people.

      "My core colour palette is ‘modern candy minimal’ with an extensive range of pastels, neons and soft brights. I often add unique speckled details to add flavour to a coherent collection."

    Briony's success with Spectrum Fibre in 2016 meant that she was able to give up her long term career in the NHS to follow my dream of dyeing full time. 

Who doesn't love a cheeky little freebie now and again?