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Snek Gradient Cake 100g

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  • Snek is Bilum's newest base, and it is absolutely stunning. This yarn takes dye particularly well, so you can expect vibrancy and commitment of colour. A high twist yarn made from 100% Fine Merino, Snek is very soft yet durable. It is ideal for garments as well as accessories.

    Each 100g cake of Snek gives you 365m of beautifully hand-dyed gradient yarn with absolutely no sharp colour changes - just smooth, artful transitions.
    Snek is dyed with shawls in mind - there is usually more of one colour than the other so that you have enough colour for the longer rows at the end. And, of course, you can use this ball for any other shawl where the rows are getting longer and longer...

    Note that you can pull from the outside of the cake or the centre, depending on which colour you want to use first.

    Zsofi assures us that the yarn is machine washable on a gentle cycle, but as always, we would love all hand-knits to be hand-washed where possible.

  • Ingredients:
    100% Fine Merino

    365m (399 yds)


    3.5mm / US5

  • Hand dyed, luxury, natural yarns from Budapest, Hungary.

    Zsofi's incredible gradients are completely hand dyed. In fact, that is why the colour flows are so smooth. In Bilum gradients there are no sharp colour changes.

    Zsofi's magical yarns are dyed in recently expanded studio space in Budapest, Hungary. She takes her inspiration from the everyday things around her, as well as nature.