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Skinny Ruler Bangle

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This solid bit of kit is not only stunning and super comfy, but oh-so useful measuring tools!

These bangles are hand formed, etched and soldered using traditional silversmithing techniques. Choose from Brass or Copper.
  • 100% snag-free
  • SIZE: 2.5" diameter - will fit most adult women (we can accommodate a custom size order too!)
  • Ruler will measure up to 20cm / 8", or use to convert cm to inches, or as a swatching gauge!
  • Copper and Brass bangles are thoroughly sealed with a jeweller's varnish that will keep them shiny and skin safe for years to come!
  • Argentium Silver is a higher quality, purer, brighter and more tarnish resistant than Sterling Silver

If you want to check your bangle size, make a loose fist, and measure from the middle of the knuckle on your first finger to the middle of the knuckle on your little finger. That will be your minimum bangle size (a little bigger is ok). 

As with all FizzCat stuff, these pieces are limited editions, gorgeous and functional and come with a Lifetime Guarantee. If your bracelet ever needs some TLC, they will fix it up good as new!

Who doesn't love a cheeky little freebie now and again?