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Schiehallion KAL with Di Gilpin

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  • Starting Oct 2023 - We are SO excited for this KAL with the amazing Di Gilpin. 

    We will be knitting the gorgeous Schiehallion Gilet Pattern by Di Gilpin - a pattern which caught our eye the second we saw it, and we knew you'd love too!

    We'll be making the gorgeous Gilet, but you'll also receive the hat pattern at the end of the KAL to use up any oddments.

    Of course, we're there to guide you all the way: all the technique, tips, colour advice and camaraderie you've come to expect from our fabulous KALs! And this one is especially fabulous, because Di will be joining our Zoom sessions too!(Zoom recordings will be sent in case you can't make it, or want to view later).

    There are two ways to join in the fun:

    1. Purchase your Gilet Kit from one of our specially curated colourways, OR

    2. Purchase a KAL Coupon which can then be redeemed against any Lalland DK or Lalland Aran (in case you'd like to create your own combo for the KAL).

    Watch the IG Live about the KAL here.

    Please note - early orders will ship immediately, whilst there might be a short delay with shipping later orders while we wait for more stock. But don't worry - we won't be starting until 20th Oct, so plenty of time...
    Level of difficulty and skills required

    Intermediate. Our KAL is guided, which means we will be showing technique, with tips and advice as we go, as well as the pattern, but you should be confident with basic knit and purl stitches, and casting on.

    We'll tackle:
     fair isle with cabling
     three needle bind off
     how to make size adjustments
     design elements

    Tribe KALs are all about community, yarns friendships, support and laughs. We keep doing them because they are so much fun! Try to keep your Friday evenings free during the KAL so you can get the most out of the KAL. Whilst there is a good amount of technique discussed during the sessions, the idea is more of a "knit-along" as opposed to workshops. It's more of a social thing😁!

    Your KAL Includes:
    Option 1:
    Your Yarn!
    A gorgeous, specially curated kit made of
    Lalland DK and
    Lalland Aran yarns. We've picked the colours for you, so you don't have to. Just add needles!
    Option 2: Lalland Coupon You can pick your own combo of
    Lalland DK/
    Lalland Aran for your knit.

    This is a great option if you already have some Lalland to use, or you want to make your own unique Schiehallion.

    When you choose this option, we will email you a £189 coupon to apply towards your yarn purchase (valid until 31st Mar 2024)*
    We will email your personal copy before the KAL begins!
    Informal and friendly, to guide you through the steps.

    Don't worry if you can't make the live Zoom. Sessions are recorded and you will be emailed all the links and tips.

    First session on Friday 20th October, 8pm BST!

    There will be at least 4 Zoom sessions, spaced far enough apart that you can get some knitting down between sessions.
    Ravelry Group A private Ravelry group just for us where we can share our progress, tips and more!

    You will also need the following:

     4.5mm needles (change needle size if required) 
    Cable needle
     Tapestry needle for your ends

    * Note that the Coupon is unique to each customer and must be used in one single transaction, i.e. spend the whole thing in one go because leftovers can't be saved...

  • Schiehallion Pattern Info

    The Schiehallion design features cabled fair-isle, which results in exciting texture and colourplay at the same time.

    Lalland DK is held double throughout, and Lalland Aran is held single.

    You will need 6 different colours for the patterns.

    The Gilet is worked in pieces from the bottom to the top. The pieces are then joined at the shoulder seems and side seems.

    Width can be adjusted in increments of 6 stitches, and length can also be adjusted. We will talk more about this on the KAL.

    Shown in
    A: 1 x 100g Lalland Aran Oak.
    B: 2 x 50g Lalland DK Dulse
    C: 2 x 50g Lalland DK Sea Thrift
    D: 4 x 50g Lalland DK Oatie
    E: 1 x 100g Lalland Aran Firebird
    F: 2 x 50g Lalland DK Furze

    The pattern has been written for 3 sizes. It is possible to alter these sizes to make larger or smaller versions. More info during the KAL. This will alter the yarn requirements.

    Size: 1 (in / cm) 2
     (in / cm)
     (in / cm)
    Length back neck to welt 19 / 48.5 21 / 53.5 23 / 58.5
    Shoulder 6 / 15 6 / 15 8 / 20
    Chest 38 / 94 42 / 105 46 / 113
    Waist 36 / 92 40 / 100 44 / 109
    Back Welt 24 / 61 30 / 76 34 / 86
    Front Welt 10 / 25 14 / 35 18 / 40
    Armhole Drop 9 / 22.5 11 / 27.5 13 / 32.5
    Back Neck Edge 7 / 18 9 / 22.5 11 / 27.5
    Underarm to Welt 10 / 25 12 / 30 14 / 35
    A (shown in Oak Aran) 100g 100g 100g
    B (shown in Dulse DK) 100g 100g 100g
    C (shown in Sea Thrift DK) 100g 150g 200g
    D (shown in Oatie DK) 200g 250g 300g
    E (shown in Firebird Aran) 100g 100g 200g
    F (shown in Furze DK) 100g 100g 100g

    Actual Kit Colours:
    Kit A: Oak Aran, Dulse DK, Sea Thrift DK, Oatie DK, Firebird Aran, Furze DK

    Kit B: Crowdie Aran, Hazelnut DK, Cornflower DK, Silver Birch DK, Firebird Aran, Furze DK

    Kit C: Oak Aran, Laggan DK, Furze DK, Agate DK, Coral DK, Coruisk DK

    Kit D: Storm Aran, Blue Enigma DK, Cornflower DK, Linnet DK, Crowdie Aran, Storm Petrel DK

    Kit E: Storm Aran, Blue Enigma DK, Sea Thrift DK, Chartreuse DK, Morion DK, Haar DK Kit

    F: Magnolia Aran, Morion DK, Haar DK, Crowdie DK, Storm Aran, Meadowsweet DK
  • Zoom Sessions:
    Fri 20th Oct, 8pm BST: Intro zoom! Pattern Explanation and Swatching
    Fri 27th Oct, 8pm BST:Swatch discussion and pattern knitting
    Fri 10th Nov, 8pm BST: Regular Zoom session
    Fri 24th Nov, 8pm BST: Regular Zoom session
    Fri 8th Dec, 8pm GMT:
     Final Zoom session (probably - we can add more if needed. We won't leave you hanging 😁)

    Yarn Coupon:
    Your £189 Yarn Coupon can be used towards Lalland DK or Lalland Aran. It is valid until 31st March 2024, and must be used in one go. Leftovers can't be refunded.

    Zoom and KAL Rules:

    Please do not share Zoom details with anyone, including recordings. All attendees on Zoom are required to have their camera (don't worry - no one will judge you for messy hair, messy bedroom etc 😁). Upon joining, Zoom attendees give permission for the sessions to be recorded and shared amongst KAL participants only. 

    I (Milli) will be available for KAL help during Zoom sessions and via the Ravelry group only. I'm afraid I can't address individual help via emails, phone, instagram, live chat, facebook, linkedin... you get the idea 😬.

    Be kind and courteous, please

    No hate speech or bullying, or else.

    No promotions or spam. Please do not use the group to promote products from other sellers.

    Respect everyone's privacy.

    Have fun! That's the most important rule.