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Weaving Workshop 4, Sunday 19th January

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  • Sunday 19th January 2020: 2m - 5pm


    At last - the class you've all been waiting for!

    This class is for students who have done earlier weaving classes and are now used to warping their looms.

    This class will require you to bring your loom pre-warped*, so we can
    concentrate on creating a beautiful saori-style weft.

    By using the clasped weft technique you can create a stunning mixture of different colour patterns across the width of your fabric. Weave freestyle to create geometric shapes, or create a single-edged piece that might
    resemble the silhouette of a city skyline…. You can also mix your yarn
    weights, if you want to really knock it out of the ball-park!!!

    *It is entirely up to you how long a warp you create, and what colour
    scheme you use. For example, you might wish to weave some cloth for a
    cushion, or a scarf. Use the full 16” width of your heddle to make a
    cosy wrap, or opt for something smaller that you can stitch into a
    tube/cowl/bag….. Bring along or purchase a range of appropriate colours
    for the weft, depending on the size of your project.

    As always, experts will be at hand to help with yarn and colour selection.

      • Class Duration:
        3 hour class, 2pm - 5pm. Please arrive on time.

        Prior Experience:
        You must have attended (at least) Workshop 1 and be familiar with warping your own loom.

        Class Materials: 
        You will need to bring in your pre-warped loom along with your weaving tools. 
        Bring along or purchase from the shop a range of appropriate colours
        for the weft, depending on the size of your project.
        We suggest you bring a water bottle/refreshment and a pen for note taking.

        Your Ashford loom will be available to purchase at a discounted price after the workshop, should you so wish. The big advantage here is that it will be assembled for you!

        We are sorry but we cannot offer refunds on classes if you are unable to attend for whatever reason, unless we are able to refill your spot.

        Weaving class takes place upstairs with access via a spiral staircase.

      • About the Teacher:

        I bought my first Rigid Heddle Loom some years ago, and have never looked back!  I have a variety of looms at home, but am usually found working on my 48” rigid heddle creating Alchemy Blankets, which are made to commission from people’s leftover yarn and special “memory” yarns. 

        The magic of the weaving leftover yarns together never fails to amaze and mystify me, hence the name I have given to these blankets.

        I love to weave with mixed weights and textures, including roving, chunky yarn, lace-weight yarn and even strips of ribbon and pompoms, and I often make these pieces into bags or project bags for knitting. 

        Although I have given some thought to moving to a floor loom, I honestly believe that I can weave every type of thing I could wish for on an honest, simple rigid heddle loom. And I can show you how too!

      • You can find me under Hugs From Clara on Facebook, or @clarapeggoty on Instagram.

      Who doesn't love a cheeky little freebie now and again?