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KnitIQ No Rinse Delicate Wash TRAVEL SIZE, Lavender Citrus

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The perfect no-rinse soap for all your handwash items - all your woollies, lacy undies, even baby clothes. It's perfect for blocking too!

The delicate liquid detergent from plant-derived, biodegradable ingredients. Our no-rinse, gentle formula was created to keep textiles fresh while preserving the moisture and softness of natural fibres for longer.

IDEAL FOR KNITTERS AND CROCHETERS. Specially formulated to take out the grunge accumulated during the knitting or crochet process so that your handmade wool projects and quality knitting yarn stay nicely soft and fluffy while adding definition and alignment to your stitches.

HANDY SIZE FOR CONTROLLED DOSAGE. The handy size and shape of the bottle help control the amount of liquid you add to your washing. The lid is easy to use and secures your liquid delicate detergent to prevent leakage and waste.

PRESERVES NATURAL FIBRES AND KEEPS THEM FEELING SOFT. KnitIQ’s natural and lanolin-enhanced delicate wool washing liquid formula softens natural fibREs so that your projects, knitting wool and delicates keep soft with a subtle, yet clean and fresh smell.

NO-RINSE FORMULA KEEPS YOUR DELICATES IN SHAPE. Without the strain of repeated rinsing your hand-crafted wool blanket, cashmere wool shawl, undergarments and favourite delicates will keep their shape and last longer.

A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY - ONE 100ml BOTTLE GIVES YOU 20 WASHES. This plant-derived, cruelty-free delicate wash laundry detergent contains supreme natural power for long lasting joy.