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Garthenor Number 2

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Chalk 2
Chalkboard 2
Chimney 2
Driftwood 2
Smoke 2
Wagtail 2
Boulder 2
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  • This beautiful Organic yarn by Garthenor consistes of two strands of lace weight yarn gently twisted together to form this 4ply/Sport weight yarn: Number 2.

    The slightly looser twist than most other yarns helps to trap plenty of air in this lofty woollen spun marvel.

    Totally undyed and fully certified organic, Each shade within Number 2 is spun individually, so has its own story.

    Shetland: Chalk, Chalkboard, Wagtail, Goshawk, Smoke, Driftwood, Shale, Chimney, Boulder
    Galway: Galway Bay - Galway
    Leicester Longwool: Bakewell
    Dorset Horn - Ammonite

    We LOVE how much love goes into every yarn Garthenor produces. Every fibre is completely traceable and ethically sourced with the highest respect for the animals, humans and environment. Garthenor yarns are imbued with integrity you can literally feel in every skein.

  • Ingredients:
    100% Shetland Wool: Chalk, Chalkboard, Wagtail, Goshawk, Smoke, Driftwood, Shale, Chimney
    100% Galway Wool: Galway Bay - Galway
    100% Leicester Longwool: Bakewell
    100% Dorset Horn: Ammonite

    170m (186yd)



  • Garthenor organic is an independent, family run designer and manufacturer of ethical, Certified Organic (GOTS) yarns, based in the Cambrian Mountains of Wales.

    The wonderful mother and son team have produced exclusively certified organic, breed specific UK-made yarns for 20 years. In 2003, they became the first company in the world to produce fully certified organic wool yarns.

    Always driven by passion, they believe the yarn they make captures the identity of our landscape.

    We LOVE how much love goes into every yarn they produce. They know intimately every single thing about each and every fibre and exactly where it comes from. Garthenor yarns are imbued with integrity you can feel in every skein.

    Climate Positive
    For every skein of yarn they produce, they offset about twice the carbon footprint through sustainable, ethical initiatives, as well as responsible farming practices.

    They also offset their own footprint - things like travelling to shows, electricity usage and heating.

    When paired with uncompromising animal welfare, traceability and organic certification throughout, they are confident of doing our bit to help the planet.