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Jillybean Yarns

Exclusive Hand-Painted Cardigan No. C8 (Lambswool)

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This latest batch from Jilly is breathtaking!

A real statement piece- you will never find another like it!

This unique cardigan by Jillybean Yarns is made from 100% Superwash Wool, so it's softer than the Lambswool sweaters. The wool is top quality and will wash & wear well if hand-washed, or on a cool wool wash setting all on its own. Careful washing will render it an old dear friend - lightweight, breathable, warm, cool and just wonderful!

The cardigans also feature high quality buttons by Textile Garden, with hand poppers behind them so you'll never have gaping holes. And POCKETS!!

This one is larger and snugglier than most of the others. Individual Sizing Info:

Back Width 72cm / 28"
Back Length (shoulder to hem) 
60cm / 23.5"
Front Length (shoulder to hem) 49cm / 19.5"
Sleeve Length (shoulder seem to cuff) 44cm / 17.25"

Entirely hand-made: part hand-knitting-machined, part hand-knitted. They are made in parts and scoured before being hand-painted by Jill. They are then fixed, dried and finished by hand. 

Each piece takes more than 3 days to create

Every single cardigan is unique - no two are alike - and when it's gone, it's gone.

We absolutely LOVE these beyond-couture, designer cardigans! Count yourself very very lucky if you snag one for yourself!