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Exclusive Ceramic Yarn Bowl with Hand Drawn Skull

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My Julia Rayne hand-made ceramic mug is one of my most treasured possessions. It has traveled the world over the last 13 or so years, and was about my only physical thing that survived Hurricane Irma in 2017! 

So, when I opened Tribe I asked Julia to make me a small batch of matching yarn bowls. They have finally arrived after being lost at sea for 3.5 months, and they are more beautiful than I could have even hoped for!

Hand-made in the Rocky Mountains, Canada, these gorgeous bowls are generously sized and very heavy.

Each one is slightly different from the next - they are each a one of a kind. And now we have a very small and exclusive number of matching mugs! (couldn't resist!)

Generously sized:

  • Approx height 4" (10cm)
  • External diameter 6.5" (16cm)
  • Internal diameter up to 5.75" (15cm) at the widest point
  • 1kg! 
We can ship these bowls if you aren't able to buy/collect in store, but prefer not to. If you'd like it shipped, we will do our best to wrap and protect it for its journey, but cannot be held accountable for breakages.