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Joanne Scrace

Everyday Wearables by The Crochet Project

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Everyday wearables is a collection of 8 wardrobe staples with comprehensive instructions and many photo tutorials to help you make garments that fit and flatter.

Maybe it’s the somewhat shy exhibitionist in me, but I have always loved making things to wear. The thrill of being able to say “Thanks, I made it.” never gets old.

With an in-depth understanding of how crochet fabric is created, the need for drape and taking fit and construction lessons from both knitwear and dressmaking, I have created pieces that fit well and look great. 

We understand that making a wardrobe may also challenge your skills. We have included a series of photo tutorials in the book that take the adventurous beginner a step on and cover the skills needed to create beautiful pieces to cherish.