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Knit Collage

Dreamland by Knit Collage

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  • The inspiration behind Dreamland yarn comes from the amazing, colourful trim markets of Hong Kong and India. They are jam packed with gorgeous ribbons, flower appliques and novelty trims.

    In Dreamland, various colours of wool, mohair, and sparkling Angelina fibres are hand carded together to create beautiful heathered colours. The fibre is then hand spun with tiny flower trims, sequins, bits of lace and ribbon rosebuds.

    Fluffy, lightweight and a touch slubby, this yarn conjures up thoughts of fairytale dreamscapes and secret gardens. Each colour combination has its own unique set of trims and colours.

    Even though the raw materials are the same, no two skeins are completely alike because of the intense handmade process that goes into each and every skein. 

    By buying Knit Collage yarns, you support the work of the Indian women that spin our yarns with as well as their women-run, US based small business!

    This special yarn is amazing for accessories and home projects, like cushions and throws. Here's some pattern inspiration on Ravelry.

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  • Ingredients:
    A mix of (mostly!) wool, a little mohair and 1% sparkling Angelina fibers. Each colourway is slightly different.

    approx. 35-40 yards


    About 1 - 2.5 stitches per inch
    Suggested Needle Size: 10 - 15mm (US 15 - 19)

    Washing Instructions: Gently handwash and lay flat to dry


    Knit Collage began when I (Hi, I'm Amy!) fell in love with hand spinning long ago. From that time on, creating a business that meshed with this creative passion became an obsession.  

    At the heart of my business and the podcast, is this idea that it's important to lean into all the things that make us weird or set us apart, all of those interests that others might not get. I believe these are our secret weapons, they make us unique and that they become our super powers.

    I hope to set an example of what's possible through my own work by creating a thriving business built on far out yarn and pattern designs. If this peaks your interest, definitely check out my podcast.

    The Knit Collage team also includes a my sister Jessie who handles everything from Pinterest to wholesale orders and Cheryl Kubat, our in-house knitting guru. She's here for any technical questions that may crop up!


    All of the Knit Collage dyeing, carding and spinning takes place in Punjab, India by a team of 13 expert women.  When the business first started in 2010, I spent countless hours teaching this awesome Indian team how to craft my yarn designs on traditional spinning wheels. It was no easy feat getting it off the ground but now these women are true masters that spin and craft well beyond my skill level.

    They do it all - the spinning is just part of it!  At any time only 5-6 ladies are spinning while the rest card fiber, crochet tiny flowers, embroider sparkly paisleys, organize trims or check each skein for quality, the list goes on! Truly each yarn is specially handcrafted with love and care and represents a loving partnership between myself, the designer, and this talented group of women. 

    Through our tiny operation, I hope to create beautiful yarns that inspire and nurture your creative spirit. When you knit with our yarns, you support the livelihood of the Indian women who craft them as well as our US-based small business.

    If you're interested in seeing more photos, visit this blog post that is all about our last trip to India. I take two trips to India yearly and the best way to see behind the scenes is on my Instagram account. My next trip is slated for February 2019! Thanks so much ~ Amy @ Knit Collage