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Cosmology DARUMA Collection 2022

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  • For this year’s DARUMA Collection Amirisu collaborated with two super talented Canadian designers Kiyomi and Sachiko Burgin. The theme of this collection is “Heavenly Bodies’’ – the Milky Way, aliens, zero gravity, and fluffy knitwear... Using their boundless imaginations they developed a collection of cosmic designs that are equal parts playful, heavenly, and cozy.

    Book Details
    8 patterns: 2 sweaters, 2 cardigans. a hoodie, a cowl, a hat, and a pair of socks.

    Featured yarns:
     GENMOU, GEEK, Wool Mohair, Falkland Wool, and Silk Mohair, all from DARUMA

    Format: Hardcover, B5 size, approximately 90 pages

    Language: English

    Printed in Japan by Shinano Publishing

  • Regolith Hoodie:
    1. Manchelopi by Wooldreamers
    2. Alpaca 3 by Isager
    3. Eco Soft by Isager
    4. Chunky Andean Wool by KAOS
    5. Chunky Baby by Ginger Twist

    Dusking Pullover:

    1. Any of our amazing Silk Mohair yarns, with Artyarns Silk Mohair as the most luxurious option.
    2. Veranita by Qing Fibre
    3. Alpaca Royal by Pascuali

    Cassini Pullover:
    1. Amelie by Illimani
    2. Feli by Illimani
    3. Le Gros Silk & Mohair by Biches & Buches
    3. Eco Soft by Isager

    Gale Cardigan:
    (Worsted weight yarn + Silk Mohair
    1. Amelie by Illimani (no need to add silk mohair)
    2. Manchelopi by Wooldreamers
    3. Clinton Hill Bespoke Cashmere
    4. Eco Soft by Isager
    5. 100% BFL Natural Roving by WYS
    6. WOW Worsted by Galler Yarns
    7. Noro Haunui
    8. Croft Shetland Colours by WYS

    Uchujin Hat:

    1. Belangor by Galler Yarns
    2. Brushed Suri by Blue Sky Fibers
    3. Amelie by Illimani
    4. Feli by Illimani
    5. Eco Baby by Isager
    6. Chunky Andean Wool by KAOS
    Or use a combo of yarns for gauge, e.g. a sport weight plus silk mohair. 

    Aphelion Cowl:
    (Use two of these yarns held together for the marled effect.)
    1. Woolstok Worsted by Blue Sky Fibers
    2. Plump DK by Mrs Moon
    3. Beacons by Garthenor
    4. Jensen by Isager
    5. Urth Collection DK by Urth Yarns

    Kuiper Cardigan:

    1. Manchelopi by Wooldreamers
    2. Chunky Andean Wool by KAOS
    3. Eco Soft by Isager
    4. Alpaca 3 by Isager

    Ozone Socks:

    1Feli by Illimani
    2. Eco Baby by Isager
    3. Brushed Suri by Blue Sky Fibers

    Inspiration from Japanese knitting and craft scene.

    amirisu is a new online/paper magazine launched in August 2012.
    It is the only online magazine focused on knitting and related crafts in Japan.
    We aim to bring interesting contents to young knitters who want to knit what they can actually wear everyday.
    Since 2014, amirisu became available in print, and as a subscription. We now sell Japanese books and original items from Japan.