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JUL Designs

Cordoba Hidden Snap Closure

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  • The Cordoba Hidden Snap Closure is one of a series of screw-in leather closures that use a ¾ inch wide tab as the foundational leather component with differing styles of hardware.

    The centre line in this ring gives it an unusual and chic look that is both delicate, sleek, and uncluttered. The tab on one side of the closure is riveted in place around the ring. The tab on the other side is inserted through half of the split ring from the front and then snapped on the back, concealing its function and allowing the garment or accessory to be taken on and off easily.

    This closure is beautiful on cardigans and accessories, as well as decorative belts, made using the full range of needle-arts techniques.

    The Cordoba Hidden Snap Closure, like JUL's other screw-in closures, attaches to knitted, crocheted, and loosely woven pieces using threaded cylinders that slide between fibres to be secured on the back with a washer and a screw. Check out the video demonstration.


    To use, unscrew the screws on the back and remove the backing washers from the shank. Place the closure on your piece and work the shanks of the screws gently in between the stitches of your knitwear from the front. Place the backing washers over the screw shanks on the inside of the knitwear. Screw in the screw with your fingers to secure.

    To avoid losing screws or backings, place a tiny drop of clear nail polish in the threaded cylinder before securing. This will keep the closure in place while it's on the body but still allows you to unscrew it when you are ready for a change. Clean the cylinder with nail polish remover on a q-tip between uses.

    *Handmade in the United States
    *Genuine Leather
    *5 inches long
    *leather tabs - ¾ inches wide
    *hardware - 1 inch wide

  • JUL is the creation of Laura Bellows and Agus Astradhi. Their stunning and unusual designs are made by artisans in Indonesia or in their studio in the US.

    Originally trained as an anthropologist at the University of Virginia, Laura earned her PhD in cultural anthropology in 2003 based on two years of field research in Bali, Indonesia. Her research-adventure in Bali allowed her to develop relationships with the people and the culture that were essential for her founding of JUL in 2007 and which remain so to the present day.

    Agus Astradhi was trained at the Arts University in Bali as a painter and designer. Upon graduation he created jewelry designs for the world famous Balinese jewelry company Suarti. He worked as a free-lance jewelry designer and graphic artist before joining Laura to found JUL in 2007.

    Hand-made Fair Trade in Indonesia

    JUL works with skilled metal and wood-workers in Indonesia. "We give them our custom designs for execution and then work closely and collaboratively to develop these pieces into JUL products. The artisans we work with establish their own prices for each piece we contract with them to make. We do not try to bargain their prices lower.

    We consider our artisans to be creative partners as we frequently ask them to make designs that are very different those they receive from other clients. Because our designs are unconventional compared to the other designers they work with, their willingness to develop creative solutions with us, and to experiment and innovate is an important factor in our working relationship.

    Not all artisans are interested in learning something new and working in such a collaborative and dialogic manner. We have developed these relationships of mutual understanding and creative partnership over the course of the past decade."