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Lang Yarns

Cloud Tweed by Lang

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  • We couldn't resist this one - especially when we saw how it knits / crochets up.

    This yarn has got it all going on - colours, texture and homely tweedy nups to contrast with the striking, long self-striping transitions, and generous yardage, on these HUGE cloud-like balls!

    Spun with extra-fine merino, and soft little nups of baby alpaca, let this yarn do the heavy lifting in any simple pattern - garments or accessories. This chunky yarn will work up quickly, and stylishly, to give you an airy, soft, fun project.

    Like Amelie and Eco Soft, is made of a tube of yarn (this time from nylon) with merino wool and baby alpaca fibers blown through it. This tech gives you the best of lightness, warmth, strength and elasticity.

    Check out our kits using this unusual yarn here!

  • Ingredients:
    84% Extra Fine Mulesing-Free Merino Wool
    10% Nylon
    6% Baby Alpaca

    260m (284 yards)


    Chunky / Bulky
    6mm - 7mm needles (US 10 - 10.75)
    12 sts = 10cm


    The guys at Lang have been around for ages, and clearly know their way around hand knitting yarn.

    For us, they are right on the edge of being almost too commercial, so we don't stock their main range. But occasionally they develop a special yarn or two that we just can't resist, and that we are super excited to make available for you, our Tribe. ☺️

    If you see something you like here, don't wait too long. The really special stuff is often discontinued. So get it while you can.