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White 2180
Ivory 2004
Bone 2181
Ash 2003
Fog 2035
Graphite 2002
Tar 11
Mineral 2022
Caffeine 13
Bordeaux 2018
Imperial 2039
Suit 2016
Shore 2182
Cove 2038
Apple 103
Poppy 2031
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    Shibui are well known for their sublimely soft yarns.  In luxurious Cima, Superbaby Alpaca and Merino are tightly twisted together produce delicate lace weight yarn which blends sharp definition with softness, suppleness and an elegant glow.

    Knit alone, double up or combine with other yarns for smooth fabrics with clean, modern lines.  Cima is an ideal choice for when you need to add a bit of something to 
    achieve gauge and don't want any fuzz, fuss or texture.

    Available in an elegant, contemporary colour palette which just makes us swoon.

  • Ingredients:
    70% superbaby alpaca
    30% fine merino

    300m (328yd)


    Light Fingering / Heavy Lace
    2.75mm (US 2)
    30 sts = 10cm (4")

  • Our Story

    On a visit to Tokyo’s Ginza market in 2004, Darcy Cameron picked up a handwoven bag dyed with persimmons. She loved the bag’s pure simplicity, described by her Japanese friend as “very shibui,” or “elegant with a touch of bitterness.” This inspired an enduring aesthetic.

    Shibui Knits was born in 2007, in the basement of Darcy’s yarn store in Portland, Oregon. Faced with the limitations of yarn from big-brand companies, she started her own label, bringing yarn of the highest quality to small, independent stores like her own. Shibui Knits has since grown to represent timeless sophistication in local yarn stores worldwide. Today, we continue to be grounded in the concept of simplicity well executed, with loving attention to detail.

    Our Products

    We offer a seamless blend of beauty and craft. All of our yarns are designed to become unique, luxury fabrics in a coordinated palette made for mixing. Each pattern is tailored with the best techniques, resulting in an intuitive knitting process and garments with optimal fit. We strive to elevate your wardrobe with modern, elegant garments of lasting style.

    Our Mission

    We share passion for beauty through intentional design. We deliver an unparalleled knitting experience for creative women who are committed to sophisticated style.

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