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Indigo Weld Camel
Madder Camel
Weld Camel
  • Absolutely stunning Baby Camel & Silk has been beautifully dyed using only natural materials (plants, flowers and sometimes insects!). Dyed in very, very small batches - when it's gone, it's gone!

    Baby Camel is a very special fibre. Spun from the specially selected hairs on the underside of young camels, the fibre staple length is long and strong meaning pilling is reduced.

    The resulting yarn is super soft, warm, lightweight, non-allergenic, breathable and strong. The addition of silk makes it lustrous and drapey.

    Zuzana at Trava & Wool is a wonderfully talented natural dyer and knitter.

    She dyes her yarn in small amounts from her tiny studio in South Devon using plants which are foraged locally, in woods, on the fields and by the roads and natural extracts (highly concentrated powder or liquids from whole dyestuff).   

    Washing and care

    Every skein is rinsed and wash carefully and individually to remove any excess dye.

    It is strongly recommended that these natural dyed yarns are washed in ph neutral solution - even ordinary dish-washing liquid (dish-washing detergent) will do the job. Water temperature shouldn't be more than 30 degrees C. 

  • Ingredients:
    50% Baby Camel
    50% Mulberry Silk

    533m (583yd)


    gauge - 3 mm needles - 29 sts / 38 rows - 10 cm X 10 cm

  • About Us: we are a one person and two dogs business.

    We live in South Devon in tiny house and renting big allotment, full of flowers for my yarn.

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