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Bo Peep Luxury Baby DK

Tin Man 305DK
Magic 835DK
Pixie 326DK
Piglet 269DK
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Tooth Fairy 011DK
Hopscotch 837DK
Sailboat 144DK
Splash Time 834DK
Unicorn 565DK
Spellbound 868DK
Under The Sea 686DK
Cheeky Chops 210DK
Rascal 504DK
Buttercup 442DK
Spacehopper 725DK
Apple 213DK
Dolly 634DK
Incy Wincy 099DK
Ladybird 527DK
Pumpkin 276DK
Raindrop 460DK
Robot 677DK
Sea Horse 293DK
Sparkle 728DK
Treehouse 431DK
Day Dream 887DK
Puddles 888DK
Fairy Dust 889DK
Mermaid 890DK
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  • We know that when it comes to yarn-snobbery and babies, there's a whole different set of priorities.  

    Our checklist for an everyday yarn for the most important little peeps in our lives includes:

    • made from quality natural fibres
    • soft & cosy
    • machine washable
    • fun to knit/crochet with
    • inexpensive and gorgeous

    We think we've found "the one". Bo Peep DK is spun from a scrumptious blend of Falkland Island wool and the finest nylon which combine to create a soft, lightweight and easy to care for yarn.

    Luxurious Falkland Island wool has long been considered a superior fibre in the wool industry thanks in part to the sheep living in the greenest conditions in the world and conscientious farming methods.

    There are dozens of reasons why little ones (and big ones) should be swathed in natural fibres including breathability, moisture control, temperature regulation, allergy reduction, UV factor, improved sleep and safety to main just a few.  Nature really does do it best!

    See pics for examples of how the lovely self-patterning yarn knits up.  The pattern book is available here.

  • Ingredients:
    52% Falkland Wool
    48% nylon

    112m (122yd)


    4mm (US 6)
    22 sts x 28 rows = 10cm (4")

  • "Reared, Sheared & Spun in Britain!"

    Situated in the original home of the British Worsted Spinning Industry, West Yorkshire Spinners combines state of the art technology with generations of expertise and unrivalled know-how to produce British hand knitting yarns and knitted garments of exceptional quality.

    At West Yorkshire Spinners we are extremely proud of our British Heritage, we are one of the few remaining worsted spinning companies left in the United Kingdom. We are also one of very few who still develop and market yarns in-house.  This affords us the freedom to innovate which sets us apart from the competition.  We firmly believe that knowing where our raw material comes from guarantees that the quality of the finished product is consistently high.

    We source all our own raw material which is then produced into knitting yarn in our state of the art factory based here in West Yorkshire. This reduces the carbon footprint of our products and also enables us to manufacture at a very low cost. 

Who doesn't love a cheeky little freebie now and again?