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A Shiny Blend

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  • This blend was initially born as a complement for A Chic Blend, but it soon revealed itself as a customer favourite!

    Lanivendole: "We’ve always loved the peculiar structure and colour composition of hand-carded yarns, with its unpredictable shifts, so we chose to enhance this feature by putting together quite distant fibres and colours to reach a contrasting blend."

    A Shiny Blend consists of a wonderfully heathery hand-carded and hand-spun Austrian wool which has been drum-carded with natural black and fawn alpaca and a contrasting shade of tussah silk.

    The fibres are spun in a single ply in two stages in order to balance the twist.
     The content of different fibres - in particular silk and carded wool - provides the knitter with a unique epxerience when knitting with the unpredictable shifts in colour and twist. Once washed (after knitting) this yarn softens and stitches become more even.

    It's a stunning and unique yarn which has to be seen and held to be appreciated!

  • Ingredients:
    60% Italian Tyrol Wool
    20% Italian Fawn and Black Alpaca
    20% Tussah Silk

    100m (109d)


    Light DK
    10cm in 22 sts and 4mm needles

  • Natural fibres spun from Italy with love...

    Lanivendole literally means “women who sell yarn” in a Florentine dialect.

    Here we make hand-spun yarns, which means that raw fibres are washed, dyed, carded and then spun or braided by ourselves; just like a white canvas on which a painter starts to draw, and afterwards fills with colours and details.

    That is why our yarns have a soul, that shows up when they’re handled and worn, and that is why they actually call out to the person who, observing with attention, is ready to receive one, like all unexpected gift that shall be taken.

    From our hearts, straight to yours.

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