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A Break In Tide Shawl KAL with iKnit7

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  • We're doing it again! Join us for our 2nd Official iKnit7 Knit-Along, featuring "A Break in Tide" shawl by super talented designer, Tif Neilan.

    We think this shawl is the perfect pub-Summer-Layer-Up accessory for this Summer!

    This 2-colour triangular shawl is constructed from the bottom up in sophisticated panels of garter stitch and modified Fisherman's Rib with slip stitch variations.

    It might look like brioche, it might feel like brioche - but it ain't brioche!! 

    Your Kit includes ALL of this: 
    1 Access to the Private KAL Facebook Group for the KAL and invitations to these special KAL events:

    2 ZOOM KAL Kick Off Party with all the iKnit7 Shop Owners and Tif on 16th July, 8pm BST

    3 FB live session with Tif where you can ask all your questions and get any technical help you might need

    4 ZOOM KAL Show It Off Party at the end of the KAL, when we will celebrate our gorgeous new shawl, and HUGE PRIZES GIVEAWAY! 27th August, 8pm BST

    5 The Yarn! Enough to make the whole shawl. See options below, and "Kit Specs" tab above for yardage, weight, and  MC vs CC info for each kit, as well as links to each yarn for more info!

    6 Hard Copy of the Pattern by Tif Neilan

    7 (Optional add-on) Exclusive iKnit7 Project Bag (while stocks last)! 

    8 Some of the kits will leave you enough leftovers to make the Old Toque Hat by Tif Neilan, so we're throwing in that pattern too!

    You will also need:
     5.5mm / US 9 circular needle (approx 24" and 40"), or size needed for gauge.
    CLICK HERE for our Chiaogoo Interchangeable Needles Bundle for this project which includes: 5.5mm 5" Tips + 22" cable + 37" cable [Our favourite needles EVER!]

     (Optional) Removable Stitch marker, to mark the RS of your work

    Tapestry needle for your ends

    (Optional) Large Tassel Maker which makes 6-10cm tassels

    Approx 153cm (60") wingspan x 64cm (25") centre depth (pre-blocking)

    17 sts x 33 rows = 10cm (4"), worked flat in garter stitch (pre-blocking)

    Skill Level:
    Advanced beginner or intermediate - but don't worry - everything is easier during a KAL!

  • We’ve swatched, swatched and swatched again to come up with a smörgåsbord of kits that excite your colour-buds and delight your texture-tips. Each kit offers a different experience for you yarny connoisseurs.

    Beacons serves up skin-soft-organic squishiness in clear tones.

    Scout satisfies with perfect bouncy gauge and complex heatheriness.

    Hamelton has the most zingy palette!

    The Santi +Double Mohair combo is super light weight, and for those with a taste for the delectable…

    Qing Supersoft DK is a SUPER SOFT dk - merino with cashmere and a little nylon for strength and elasticity. Hand-dyed and gorgeous!

    Uist yarns are the ultimate in woolliness. Natural, crunchy, and intensely special. Your shawl will last forever!

    Le Gros Silk & Mohair is lustrous and feather-light! And the palette is all sophistication!

    Uneek Worsted & Harvest are hand-dyed and spun from 100% Extrafine Merino - perfect for most people with wool allergies. Uneek Worsted is self-striping, so you'll end up with a really cool, striped shawl!

    What’s your flavour?

    BEACONS KITS: 100g MC + 200g CC (Non-Superwash)

    SCOUT KITS: 100g MC + 200g CC (Non-Superwash)

    SANTI +DOUBLE MOHAIR KITS: 100g MC + 90g CC (Non-Superwash)

    QING SUPERSOFT DK: 100g to 212m (Superwash)

    UIST REOTHART: 100g to 245m (Non-Superwash)
    UIST FRAS:  100g to 235m (Non-Superwash)
    UIST SITH: 100g to 235m (Non-Superwash)

    LE GROS SILK & MOHAIR: 50g to 150m (Non-Superwash)

    Uneek Worsted & Harvest: 100g to 200m (Superwash)

    Yardage: (Pattern requires 251m C1 + 503mm C2) 
    [In the samples shown on the pics, the C1 is tonal (blue) and C2 is speckly.]

    BEACONS KITS: 270m C1 + 540m C2
    B: C1 = Blazer, C2 = Marble

    SCOUT KITS: 251m C1 + 503m C2
    A: C1 = Graphite, C2 = Sunflower
    B: C1 = Mulberry, C2 = Grey

    QING SUPERSOFT DK + Hamelton KIT: 300m C1 + 636m C2
    C1 = Hamelton Gold, C2 = Qing Frais au Chocolat

    QING SUPERSOFT DK KIT: 424m C1 + 636m C2
    C1 = Okinami, C2 = Qing Dirt

    QING SUPERSOFT DK + Scout KIT: 250m C1 + 636m C2
    C1 = Scout Navy Heather, C2 = Qing Bronx

    SANTI + DOUBLE MOHAIR KITS: 250m C1 + 566m C2
    C1 = Burgundy Santi, C2 = Double Mohair Ombré 711

    SCOUT +DOUBLE MOHAIR KITS: 251m C1 + 566m C2
    C1 = Scout Oatmeal, C2 = Double Mohair Ombré Double Bubble Gum

    UIST KIT A: 235m C1 + 490m C2
    C1 = Fras, C2 = Reothart

    UIST KIT B: 235m C1 + 705m C2
    C1 = Sith, C2 = Fras

    LE GROS SILK & MOHAIR: 300m C1 + 600m C2
    C1 = Dark Blue Turquoise, C2 = Dark Gold

    C1 = Donegal Undyed Multi Aran, C2 = Double Mohair Northern Lights

    UNEEK WORSTED KIT: 400m C1 + 600m C2
    C1 = 4061, C2 = 4013

  • Qu: When will I receive the yarn?
    Ans: All of the yarn for our kits is already in stock, so we will ship within 1-2 working days of receiving your order. If you're international and worried about shipping times, DHL Express might a great option. Check our Shipping page for more info.

    Qu: Will I receive a digital copy of the pattern?
    Ans: Unfortunately not this time. The designer has only given us rights to distribute a hard copy. The digital version is available to purchase on Ravelry.

    Qu: Can I knit this shawn in another gauge if I don't like DK (double knit) yarns?
    Ans: It is definitely possible, but you'll have to work out which needle size works best for a different gauge with some swatching, and your final shawl will be a different size. But totally doable. We thought about kits using 2 strands of fingering weight yarn, but decided that it might be too much of a ball-ache (pardon the pun) for the Fisherman's Rib sections for some.

    Qu: I'd like to make the shawl in another colourway / yarn that you sell. Can you make me a custom kit?
    Ans: Definitely! Come to the shop / email / call us and we'll get it done.

    Qu: Oh no! You've sold out of some colourways! Now what?
    Ans: When we sell out of one, we'll build another kit option to replace it (although it won't be the same). If it's not up your alley, be sure to check out the other iKnit7 shops too because they might have new options too!

    Qu: When will you send out the Facebook Group info?
    Ans: In an email shortly after you purchase a kit. The group goes "live" on 5th July, but you can request to join prior to that.

    Qu: I'm not on Facebook. Can I still join?
    Ans: Yes, absolutely! There's a lot of chat and sharing in the FB group, so some of our KALers in the past have joined just for the KAL and then come off again. But it's completely up to you!

    Qu: When will you send the Zoom info?
    Ans: We'll email the info nearer the time of the Zoom events (16th Jul and 27th Aug), and include it in the Facebook Group.

    Qu: Is the pattern difficult / tv knitting?
    Ans: We would say that's more like "e-book / radio knitting". Once you know how to Fisherman's Rib, it's plain sailing, but we find it tricky not look at our knitting when we're doing the rib bit...

    Qu: It definitely looks like brioche... Are you sure there's no brioche?
    Ans: We promise - no brioche at all!

    Qu: Can I make any modifications?
    Ans: You know us!! We love a good "personalisation" at Tribe. Sure!! We massively encourage you to add a neon stripe, or hold in some silk mohair, or some Shiny, or some Stellaris, or make some intarsia panels, or extra tassels, or a fringe, or whatever else takes your fancy! This shawl can definitely be your blank canvas!

    Qu: How is this different from your "normal" KALs?
    Ans: This is an iKnit7 KAL, which means we are doing it in conjunction with the other 6 shops who form "iKnit7", so there are definitely some differences. Most notably, we won't be holding weekly Zoom events, and there's no Ravelry group. But you'll still feel hugely supported, and it's still loads and loads of fun!

    Qu: What if I can't keep up?
    Ans: There's absolutely NO PRESSURE to finish by the final Zoom. We totally encourage you to go at your own pace, and savour every stitch. It's not a competition.

    Qu: Do I need the optional extras?
    Ans: No, they are not a strict necessity. You can make tassels with a piece of cardboard. And we have the needle bundle in case you need needles, and because we think Chiaogoo needles are THE BEST, and this might be a great time for you to take 'em for a test-drive!

    Qu: Do you have any more info about the designer? 
    Yep! Here you go:


     ↞ tif handknits ↠

    Tif Neilan a knitwear designer based in New England:

    "I come from an interior design background and have a love for color, texture and fiber.
    "You’ll come to find I tend to gravitate towards earthy green, rust orange and grey as my “comfort zone” palette, but I also really love to play around with brighter tones.

    "I strive to create knitwear with an emphasis on fun textures and / or or color play… and I absolutely love to incorporate herringbone stitch in my patterns. #knitalltheherringbone

    "Please visit my Ravelry group if you are interested in test knitting one of my designs, or just want to share your Tifhandknits FO! I always love to see them.

    "You can find me on Instagram tifneilan_handknits."


Who doesn't love a cheeky little freebie now and again?