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Yoko of Richmond

40mm Vintage Kimono Silk Brooches/Pins

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Damson Green
Red Square
Pink Blossom
Magenta Flower
Yellow Wave
Dark Teal Grid
Tribal Tile
Orange Blossom
Indigo Flower
Plum Leaf
Indigo Weave
Indigo Flowers
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  • These beautiful handmade brooches/pins will add charm to any outfit!

    Covered with genuine vintage Kimono silk fabric from Japan.

    Lovingly crafted by Yoko of Richmond.

    Be sure to check out Yoko's Kimono Buttons and Earrings too - you might find a perfect match!

    • 40mm diameter
    • fabric covers metal pin fixture

    • I am original from Japan and lived in London for 16 years.

      Creativity is my way of expression - myself and life.

      I graduated Art university in Tokyo where I learned Jewelry making, Dyeing, Pottery, Oil painting, Designing, and more.

      I studied Candle making, Mosaic art, Stained Glass and Bone carving too.

      I love also travelling in the world. I traveled more than 16 countries. I lived in caravan with 100 sheep and wild kangaroo in Australia.