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Trava & Wool

Trava Merino Micro Skeins / Embroidery Threads

Rust Micro
Dark Salmon Micro
Madder Micro
Ginger Micro
Honeycomb Micro
Nutmeg Micro
Moss Micro
Mango Micro
Buttercup Micro
Dandelion Micro
Spring Micro
Forest Micro
Sky Blue Micro
Cornflower Micro
Indigo Micro
Mauve Micro
Lilac Micro
Raspberry Micro
Walnut Micro
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Just right when you need just a little bit, and it has to be gorgeous!

Simply stunning 5g micro-skeins of natural dyed yarn by Trava & Wool(approx 50m).

The colours are so vivid and saturated, it's hard to believe that no chemical dye was used, but it's true!

Perfect for your colour-work, embroidery, mending, yarn-tattooing, sashiko & kogin projects. Always good to keep a little stash of micro's in your crafty arsenal...

The yarn is a 100% SuperWash Merino.

Who doesn't love a cheeky little freebie now and again?