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Schwedenrot Yarns

Schwedenrot Kid Mohair

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  • Incredible colours by Schwedenrot yarns! 

    Silk Mohair yarn is the go-to yarn at the moment, and a silk-mohair that's expertly hand-dyed is pure magic!

    Use it alone on big needles for fluffy open fabrics, or held together with other yarns for added texture, warmth, fluff, and in this case - colour!

    This Kidsilk Mohair has been dyed in small, unique batches by Rabea of Schwedenrot yarns in Germany, and it's mesmerising!

  • Ingredients:
    72% Superwash Extra Fine Merino
    28% Nylpn

    420m (463yd)



  • About Schwedenrot Yarns

    Schwedenrot Yarns was founded in Germany in 2014 by Rabea Sassmannshausen. Rabea's passion for colours and fibres was born in early childhood and she finds her inspiration in nature.

    Rabea dyes with the aim is to create an individual knitted image in bright colours and to deliver a high fibre quality that is easy to wear on the skin and will give you a long time pleasure in knitting.

    All Schwedenrot yarns are treated very gently to ensure the best possible knitting experience, and all yarns are dyed in small and unique batches.

    Schwedenrot Yarns is especially careful to be as environmentally conscious as possible. They take care to save water, avoid unnecessary transport and the yarns are delivered in packaging that is as plastic-free as possible.  All yarns are free of mulesing.

    Yarns have been dyed with acid dyes and then washed out several times. It is recommended to wash the yarns as cold as possible by hand and especially when using several colours, to make a swatch beforehand and wash it.

    It is also recommended to knit the yarns alternately in order to create an even knitting pattern.