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Holst Garn

Holst Noble

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  • Noble is a luxurious blend of Cashmere with Geelong lambswool. The result is a beautifully soft and warm yarn that makes for gorgeous garments and accessories alike!

    Geelong lambswool comes from a special pedigree of merino sheep carefully bred in Geelong, Australia to ensure the finest micron lambswool in the world. The mild climate produces the softest of all merinos.

    Use on its own (one strand) for a lightweight garment or accessory (light fingering), or multiple strands for a heavier gauge. (More gauge info in "Yarn Specs".)

    As with other Holst yarns, each cake has a pleasing depth of "tweedy" colour, and like the others in the range, this non-superwash is sold unwashed (i.e. it contains spinning oil) and which “blooms” and softens considerably when washed. We recommend washing and drying your gauge/tension swatch before measuring it!

    All wool is from non-mulesing sources. Machine washable on gentle, cold cycles.

  • Ingredients:
     95% Extra Fine Geelong and 5% Cashmere

    333m (364 yards)


    Knit with one thread on needles 3-3.5 mm (US 2½ -4). Approx. 25 stitches = 10 cm (4")

    Knit with two threads on needles 4-4.5mm (US 6-7). Approx. 16 stitches = 10 cm (4")

    Per Holst - you can use a washing machine - on a cold delicate wool program, but we (at Tribe) would always recommend hand washing your precious knits.

  • Holst Garn was created by Helle Holst in Denmark. Helle has had a passion for yarn and knitting for as long as she can remember! She is the creator of a wonderful range of wholesome yarns as well as a successful Local Yarn Shop in Denmark.