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Chroma Nima

Colour Theory Cashmere Set

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  • 45 colours, each comprised of 3 dyes in differing, exacting proportions: This is Chroma Nima's amazing Colour Theory Cashmere set!

    Dyed by Vicky Streater in neighbouring Wimbledon, this cashmere is a certified sustainable, traceable and organic, wonderfully soft lace weight yarn.

    All of the rich, dark colours of autumn: gold, flame, spruce, plum, grey, rust... 

    45 colourways in 52m bundles, a total of 2340m
    Cashmere quality is below 16 microns! (that's very very soft!)
    Lace weight, or hold double for sock / fingering weight!
     Presented in a gorgeous, sustainably produced gift box

    A brilliant pattern for this yarn is Olga Jazzy's Aranami Shawl (as shown), or check out some of Kieran Foley's designs for more ideas...

    A very, very special collection of yarn!


    ISO9001 - quality management systems and best practice

    ISO14001 - quality and the environment

    OKEO-Tex Standard 100 (EU Trusted Textiles)

    Responsible Wool Standard

    GOTS Organic Textile Standard

    Global Recycled Standard

    Good Cashmere Standard

    a member of the Sustainable Fibre Alliance 

    To wash your finished project, soak in a cold water bath with a little wool-friendly soap, squeeze the water out and dry flat. Try not to agitate in water or wring dry which will lead to felting or misshaping.

  • Ingredients:
    100% Cashmere

    45 colourways in 52m bundles, a total of 2340m!

    180g total (over 45 colourways)

    Lace weight, or hold double for sock / fingering weight


    chroma - the purity of a colour or its freedom from white or grey

    nima - thread or yarn

    Chroma Nima's creator, Vicky Streater, lives in Wimbledon with her husband, three children and gorgeous greyhound. She is passionate about colour and the environment, and obsessed by colour gradients and the mechanics of how colours change from one to the other. She loves natural dyes for their serendipity and refusal to be predictable. She loves the quietness of the process of knitting, how it's so creative, meditative and useful.

    Her cashmere is certified organic, traceable and sustainable with an average fibre length of 34 - 38mm at less than 16 microns. The sustainable commercial dyes she uses are very "wash and light fast", and are founders of the global Responsible Care® initiative and a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact. The organic botanical dyes she works with have been chosen for their light and wash fast qualities.

    All of her packaging is from recycled paper and are recyclable. The electricity used to dye her yarn is from renewable sources. She has experimented with reducing the amount of water in her dyeing, and now only uses a third of what she used to. She doesn't use toxic auxiliaries or mordants and takes care to ensure her dye baths are fully exhausted.