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West Yorkshire Spinners

Bo Peep Great Adventures Book

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  • Once upon a time in a textile factory in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales…

    Ten matching designs for both bear and child by Emma Varnam.

    An adventure shared is what makes it great and for many generations a teddy bear has been the best companion a child could ever have.

    Teddy bears have a special place in our hearts. We love them, hug them, tell them our secrets and as our first best friend, we want to take them with us wherever we go.

    With this special collection, we’re inspiring you to fuel a child’s imagination by crocheting a faithful playmate for them - the adorable Bo Bear. There’s also a wardrobe of matching clothes and cool accessories for both child and bear to wear together.

    It’s the perfect way to turn each day into a ‘Great Adventure’ for a little someone you love and create a family heirloom to comfort and inspire generations of adventurers to come!

    “I love making toys. To see the joy and sparkle on the face of a child. That first kiss and hug as a you hand over a new best friend – that is a priceless moment. As a child I loved dressing up my teddies and going off on adventures together. By creating these matching designs you can sprinkle a little extra magic into play time. I can’t tell you how excited I am to share these designs with you and know that the fun and love you put into each stitch will be enjoyed by children who receive them.” - Emma Varnam

    Designs are made from Bo Peep DK

  • Paperback:
    109 pages

    West Yorkshire Spinners

  • About Emma Varnam

    Born in Devon, UK, Emma learned how to knit as a child, and has always been happiest when creating projects in her spare time.

    In the past few years she has started designing crocheted items as she is particularly drawn to its sculptural quality. She has an award winning blog, which gives her a good idea of the type of projects that are popular with yarn enthusiasts.

    Emma trained as an art curator and museum manager, and is now a senior manager in local government. She lives in Greater Manchester with her husband and young son.