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Based in Almora in the Kumaon Hills of the Himalayas in Northern India, Peoli was founded by two textile design graduates who work with about 60 women artisans of Almora to develop a range of handmade yarns and textiles.

Carded wool, cotton, silk, nettle and hemp are spun into soft, supple yarn using a hand-held spindle or a Bageshwari Charkha - a foot operated spinning wheel of indigenous make.

Yarn is naturally dyed. These natural, usually plant-based, dyes are soothing for the makers, users and their respective contexts.

Natural hues produce living colour - a unique hue each time, a colour that matures and ages, pays tribute to the Sun, Water, Soil and Wind and celebrates the story of the source from which it has been cultivated.

The philosophy at Peoli has emerged from this love for nature. A strong belief in celebrating indigenous textile traditions to create simple, functional products which balance aesthetics and practicality, craft and contemporary fashion.


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